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What Part of Your Metal Stairs Need Repair?

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If you own or manage an apartment building or other type of commercial building with metal stairs, you rarely will need to concern yourself with their construction. After all, metal stairs last for years, even decades, without needing repairs. However, even metal will eventually wear down with use and exposure and when it does on a staircase, it can become a hazard. You will need a metal stair fabricator to repair certain parts, but which ones? Do you know the names for the parts of your stairs? Here is the simple breakdown of stair parts and terms to make it easier.

  • Balustrade. The entire railing system of a stairway.
  • Baluster. The part of the balustrade that runs in a vertical direction, holding up the handrail.
  • Bullnose (starting step). The first or bottom step, generally larger in size than the other steps.
  • Flight. On section of staircase between floors or landings.
  • Handrail. The part of the balustrade you hold as you ascend or descend.
  • Landing or Platform. This is the wider flat area at the bottom and top of each flight of staircase. Often there is a landing in the middle of staircase between floors to change directions.
  • Riser. The part of the stair that runs at a right angle at the back of the tread; the flat vertical surface of the step. (not all metal stairs have risers)
  • Stringer. This is the main skeleton of the staircase that supports the risers and treads. Usually there are two, one on each side of the staircase.
  • Tread. The part of the stair you step on, the actual steps of the stairs.
  • Winder. A tread that is wider on one side than the other to help the staircase move in a curved direction, only used on spiral staircases.

These terms can help you explain to a metal stair fabricator what needs repair or replacement. You should inspect all these parts regularly for any rust or weakening as part of your property safety regimen.

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