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Maintaining Your Paver Pool Deck

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One of the many benefits of owning a paver pool deck is the low maintenance these beautiful decks require. Compared to other pool deck materials, pavers tend to offer more beauty and value while withstanding fading from the constant exposure to the sun. Yet even paver pool decks do need some maintenance over time to protect your investment. To keep your paver pool deck looking great and functioning properly, scheduling time for maintenance is crucial. Here are some of the ongoing maintenance chores to consider before the summer months:

  • Weeding/edging. Depending on your paver pool deck, you may need to remove weeds and edge the perimeter of your deck. Weeds can detract from your pool area and cause issues with your deck.
  • Pressure washing. Pavers are easily cleaned with pressure washing to keep them looking fantastic for pool parties and family gatherings.
  • Repairs. If your paver pool deck is older, it may need some repairs. Treating spots, replacing cracked pavers and leveling heaved areas are critical to protecting your deck. Paver repairs should be performed by a professional paver service company.
  • Sealing. Many paver pool decks may need sealing every few years to protect the surface. Your local paver company may offer sealing service.

While you can do some maintenance yourself, many of the ongoing paver maintenance projects are best performed by a paver service company. Scheduling a pool deck maintenance service for your pavers can ensure they are cleaned, repaired and sealed properly, making your deck look like new again. Call your local paver service company that offers pool deck maintenance to schedule your spring cleaning and repairs today.

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