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Pattern and Texture Options for Your Paver Patio or Pool Deck

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Pavers are popular for patios and pool decks for many reasons, from their durability and easy maintenance to the design and style options. When choosing pavers for your new patio or pool deck, you have been decisions to make regarding design, including the pattern and texture options you want to use. Here are some tips to help you choose the right patterns and textures to best match your home and style.

Texture Options

The finish or texture on your pavers can make a difference in the overall appearance and function. Some of the options available include:

  • Smooth, often referred to as a class finish
  • Antiqued or worn finish
  • A natural, embossed texture

In some cases, more than one texture can be used to highlight a design aspect – edge pavers may be smooth, while the inside pavers are embossed.

Pattern Choices

Both the shape of your patio and the pattern design can make a big difference in how your patio blends with your home’s style. A home with arched windows and curves with blend better with a rounded patio; a home with sharp angles will be better suited with a patio that is made from right angles.

For patterns, there are varieties of running, modular and geometrical designs that can enhance your patio. Using different colored pavers in patterns can create an interesting design for your pool deck that will make it unique and blend with your architectural style.

If you are planning a new paver pool deck or patio, use the knowledge and expertise of an experienced paver installation contractor to help determine the best textures and patterns for your style. They can help you find the right design that will enhance your outdoor space to add beauty and value to your home.

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