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Five Benefits of Vinyl Siding

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Is it time to paint your home, again? Stop painting old shingles and consider the benefits of adding new vinyl siding to your home. There are many advantages to using vinyl siding that make it worth the investment. Here are five of the main benefits of investing in new vinyl siding.

  1. Never paint again. Vinyl siding does not need painting, yet it will look like new for decades. A quick cleaning and it looks new again. The painting aspect can pay for your vinyl siding over the years, saving you time and money off keeping your home looking great.
  2. Easy maintenance. Vinyl siding is not as porous as other siding materials, allowing it to stay cleaner longer. Mold and mildew are less likely to grow on vinyl, but any growth or debris can be easily washed off for simple, quick maintenance.
  3. Energy efficiency. New vinyl siding can be installed with a foam backing that offers better insulation qualities for your home. This helps reduce energy costs and makes your home more efficient.
  4. Damage resistance. Hail and other impact forces can damage many types of siding. Vinyl siding is durable and dent resistant, reducing replacement costs after hail storms or impact from other sources.
  5. Cost effective. Vinyl siding can last longer, require less maintenance expense and can require a small initial investment than many other types of siding.

If you want to keep your home looking great with less maintenance and cost, consider remodeling the exterior of your home with vinyl siding. There are many colors and textures to choose from to give your home a new look that will last for decades.

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