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Trends in Residential Staircases

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While stairs are always a necessary piece of a home’s architecture, the design and style have become more and more important.  New styles in staircases can turn them into showpieces themselves. There are many styles of staircases that are on trend today that fit every aesthetic.

Sustainable Stairs

Choosing to make staircases ecologically sustainable is a trend for green home builders.  Doing the research to choose wood that is eco-friendly and beautiful is easier than ever.

Glass Infill

Instead of traditional balusters, consider using glass infills instead.  Using a toughened glass gives a minimalist modern style while allowing light to pass through giving an unobstructed view.

Metal Finishes

Using metal finishes in your staircase design gives a modern touch to your overall look.  Metal balusters may be added to a traditional staircase or wrought iron in a variety of designs can reflect the overall architecture of the home.  And metal is very strong and durable.

Stainless Steel Cable and Tube

Using horizontal steel cable in place of vertical balusters is a new modern look.  Cable and tube was popular in outdoor decking and commercial applications, but it is being brought into homes more often.  It gives a cool industrial look and can also be used with more traditional wood handrails to soften the appearance.  It also allows light without sacrificing safety.

Staircases don’t have to be the monstrosity in the middle of the house. Play them up to be a focal point that you are happy to show off. Find a stair specialist in your area to help you design a staircase that reflects you and your home’s style.

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