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Trends in Staircase Handrails

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One of the most noticeable pieces of architecture inside a home is the staircase.  While it of course must be practical and safe, it can also make a beautiful statement about your home. And one of the most important aspects of the staircase is the handrail design and balusters. The detailing that a handrail has and the materials used in it can make all the difference, and can turn your home from builder’s basic to modern chic.

Some modern trends in handrails today is glass. Rather than using traditional spindles on the staircase, consider filling that space with clear, colored or patterned glass. It allows light to continue through the space and continues the open concept design that people want in their homes today.  A minimalistic metal top gives a place to grasp while capping that industrial look that is so sought after.

Another trend is to mix materials.  Using a traditional wooden rail with a wrought iron baluster is a timeless look. Another option is to use cabling or metal railing horizontally with a wooden rail.  Natural wood softens the industrial look of metal while still updating a space.

Color is also something to think about with staircase design. Contrasting a bright white stair with a very dark handrail, balusters and treads. Very dark browns and black are the new trend in stain and will make a traditional staircase design pop.

Whether you are having a new home built or are renovating your old home, contact a professional to help design a beautiful staircase with a unique handrail design. They add value, sophistication, and a one-of-a-kind statement to your home that won’t be duplicated in your neighborhood.

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