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Advantages of Motorized Window Blinds

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Motorized window blinds or shades are those which can be opened and closed remotely from a control panel, through a computer, via a wireless device such as a smart phone, or with a remote control.  They can be programmed to automatically open or close at certain times and can be customized to fit any door or window. There are several advantages to motorized window shades.

1)      Convenient and quality-preserving operation

Motorized window blinds provide the convenience of not having to manually adjust window coverings. This eliminates unnecessary stretching and walking, saves time, and rules out the possibility of window coverings getting damaged or malfunctioning from too-rigorous or careless handling. Also, because motorized window blinds are programmed to close or lower automatically, there is no need to remember to do this oneself.

2)      Cordless

Motorized window shades do not have cords hanging from them like regular window shades. The cordless effect is neat and pleasing to the eye. Cordless window coverings are also safer since window cords can present a choking hazard for young children.

3)      Cost-effective and energy-efficient

Motorized window blinds help homeowners and business places save money in the long-run. This is because they can be programmed to open and close at specific times and in certain weather conditions in a way that reduces heat accumulation. This eases the burden on air-conditioning systems thereby lowering energy bills.

4)      Security

Motorized window shades can be programmed to automatically open and close even when the premises are unoccupied, for example, when homeowners are on vacation or a business place is temporarily closed. This discourages thieves and inrtuders by maintaining an illusion of occupancy.

5)      Sun control

Letting sunlight into an interior space is often desirable. Indoor plants need sunlight and natural light can enhance an indoor space. On the other hand, the sun’s rays can damage furniture, flooring, carpets, and artwork, or cause health disturbances for some people. Motorized window blinds can be programmed to regulate the way and degree to which sunlight enters a room at different times of the day.


Home Automation Saves You Time and Money

Posted in Home Automation

For years people have talked about saving time and money through their home doing things for them, and now the reality has caught up with the dream. Smart homes are the new technology revolution taking the effort out of humdrum tasks and making the pennies go further than ever before. Many new homes come with structured wiring that enables easy integration of home automation features without enormous amounts of effort.

So what kind of automation is possible? You’d be amazed! You can start with the temperature controls in your house which monitor the way your thermostat or HVAC system works to ensure maximum energy efficiency which means saving money on air conditioning and heating bills. Then you can try out automated lighting controls, you can save money by having all your lights turn off when you leave home and then turn on just as you arrive.

When you’re away, lighting controls can help with security too, you can set your lights to turn on in different parts of the house at different times of day and night to give observers the appearance that someone is at home and burglars prefer empty houses.

Or why not consider a control for your oven that you can call when you’re on your way home, using just your cell phone and start getting it warmed up for dinner. You can even automate aspects of your home security system and watch your CCTV footage on your iPhone. And don’t forget to automate your sprinklers so your garden is always in perfect condition.

If you want to get more out of your home for less, home automation can make your life easier.


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