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Exterior Hand Railings

Whether for safety or purely for aesthetics, hand railings can provide commercial properties with a much needed appeal. Commercial hand railings can be placed on decks, porches, stairs, balcony rails, walkways, and decorative landscape. Many codes have been put into place in order to keep people safe while on commercial properties. Pedestrians should not have to worry about their safety when walking around a doctor’s office, courthouse, or public park. Therefore, exterior hand railings are a common necessity in any commercial building.   

Hand railings can be decorative, useful, or both in all commercial settings. From sturdy basic pipe rails to the most elaborate decorative hand railings, commercial properties have a variety of hand railings to choose from. Skilled welders and craftsmen can create handrails from all types of materials to meet the design needs of a commercial property. Steel, iron, aluminum, and stainless steel are popular choices as they offer strength and can be completed with a wide range of finishes from galvanization to paint to high tech polymer coatings. 

It is important for any commercial property to have an experienced contractor who knows and understands the building codes and structural needs of any property being developed. Hiring a premier metal railing contractor who is licensed and experienced with design, fabrication, and installation is the best way to ensure the highest quality products. Thinking of the safety of those who will eventually be on the property from the very beginning is the best way to provide an atmosphere that will meet necessary building codes and will ultimately invite the desired patrons and visitors.

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Add Elegance To Your Home With Metal Railings

For many people, the word “elegant” isn’t always the first one to come to mind when they think of metal. However, custom made metal railings can be incredibly beautiful and add a certain elegance to decks, stairways and patios. Metal is extremely versatile when in the hands of a talented fabricator who can lend artistic design to what is one of the most durable materials available. 

Ideas For Metal Railings

There are many places where metal railings can be used both for functionality and design in your home. Also, when they’re custom crafted, these railings can reflect your personal tastes and compliment your existing home design and décor. Some ideas on where to add metal railings: 

  • Enclose your deck. Make your deck safer as well as more beautiful with a metal railing. Choose an eye-catching pattern such as leaves or flowers to have incorporated into the railing, or an element which complements your overall outdoor design scheme.
  • Stair railings. Add railings to your outdoor steps for safety or to interior stairs for beauty. Metal railings can be easily made for any size or shape of stairway, even spiral.
  • Room divider. A decorative metal railing can be a great way to divide a large room, separating without closing off the space. Railings can be ornate, as well as painted to match the existing design. 

Metal railings are not only versatile and elegant, they are easy to maintain and can last for decades. They are easy to clean and take care of, not needing to be polished or constantly stained. Even those used outdoors can be easily protected from rust with paint or other coatings. For your next home project, consider adding a beautiful metal railing to give your home a unique and custom look.

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