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Custom Golf Carts

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People customize their homes, their clothing, and their baggage – so why not customize their golf carts, too! Golf carts have been a means of transportation since the 1930s. What originally started as a means of transportation for those with disabilities, golf carts gained wide use and acceptance from golfers and residential homeowners. Electric golf cars are used in many communities as the main source of transportation, and it is no wonder that custom golf carts are the latest rage among owners. 

Custom golf carts are a way for people to express themselves, their personalities, and their loyalty. Whether it is support of a favorite sports team, the showing off of a favorite color, or just a person or family’s way to express themselves, custom golf carts can be a reflection of a person or family. Customized options for golf carts include paint jobs, lift kits, large wheels, off-road wheels, rear view mirrors, safety features, speed chips, street legal kits, and more. Basically, if a person can dream it (and has the money to spend) s/he can have it in a golf cart! 

There are several companies offering custom golf carts across the United States. Finding one that meets the criteria of your customization requires a little research. Knowing what you want is important, and a custom golf cart supplier can offer a unique and personalized approach to your golf cart. A simple search on Google can provide endless ideas for a custom golf cart design. If you are interested in having a golf cart customized, begin your design search and enjoy the ride!

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4 Great Uses For Golf Carts

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You don’t need to play golf in order to find great uses for a golf cart. More and more, these handy little vehicles are being used in a variety of commercial and residential applications which have nothing to do with the game of golf. Whether you own a business or are looking for a convenient way to get around your property or neighborhood, a golf cart may be an affordable option. Here are four great ways that people are using golf carts

  1. Camping. Love camping? A golf cart can be the ultimate camping accessory. Many people enjoy having the freedom to move around the campground quickly in their own personal golf cart, visiting friends, seeing the sights or just making a trip to the campground store.
  2. Personal property. For those with larger pieces of land, a golf cart can be a great way to get from one area to another. Pack up tools or another equipment and head to the other side of your property on a utility cart.
  3. Businesses. Family fun parks, campgrounds, retirement communities and parks all use golf carts as an easy way to get around their property.
  4. Events. For big parties or events, golf carts are a great way to transport guests from the parking lot to the main event area. Weddings, company picnics and many other events are made more enjoyable when guests can hitch a ride. 

Golf carts come in a wide variety of sizes and models, with both gas and electric models available. For the ultimate accessory for your home, business or recreational needs, check out the new and used golf carts that are available at your local golf cart dealer.

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