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Tired of Mosquitoes?

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Well, winter is finally over and before you know it summer will be here.  Most people find summer to be one of the most enjoyable seasons, as it allows one to enjoy many outdoor activities at home such as gardening, working on the house and enjoying family and friends over a barbeque or a party.  This is especially true later in the day as the sun starts to go down and is not quite as hot.  However the downside to this time of the day is the large number of mosquitoes and other insects that are out with you at this time of the day!  While very annoying, some insect bites can also result in diseases such as West Nile Virus and Encephalitis. 

One of the most cost effective methods to remove mosquitoes and other unwanted insects on an ongoing basis is to install a automated mosquito misting system around the property, which sprays a mist containing a natural insecticide called Pyrethrum.  This product, which is odorless, is considered to be environmentally friendly and is considered to have a low-toxicity to humans and pets.  However, it is highly effective in killing hundreds of types of insects including mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and no-see-ums. 

The insecticide is delivered thru a series of strategically placed spray nozzles, which are nearly invisible, located around the yard being covered.  The system is completely automatic with the Pyrethrum being released at regular intervals using an automated time clock, which also has a battery backup system.  Many people find these automated systems to be a very cost effective means to eliminate pesky insects from their summer outdoor activities!

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How Mosquito Misting Services Work

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The effectiveness of automatic misting systems is evident by the fact that professionals have been using them for over three (3) decades. Automatic misting systems allow you and your family to fully enjoy your home – both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, automatic insect misting systems eliminate mosquitoes without using harsh or toxic chemicals. 

This allows you, your family, and your guests to enjoy your patio area, pool, and other areas where you might choose to host parties, gatherings, or simply meals. After all, you should be able to socialize and engage in outdoor activities during the beautiful warm seasons without being terrorized by mosquitoes.

Pyrethrum – All Natural Mosquito Deterrent

Pyrethrum is a powerful all-natural insecticide grown in various parts of the world. 

Pest-control companies and professionals employ this in their automated misting systems to keep your home mosquito and insect free. This all-natural insecticide covers your entire outdoor area with a very fine mist. Typically, the mist is automatically sprayed two to three times each day – especially before sunrise (dawn) and sunset (dusk). The reason for spraying at these times is because mosquitoes are most active during these times – dawn and dusk.  

The mist falls onto your home’s yard, landscape, and foliage protecting you and your family from mosquitoes and other insects.

Professional Mosquito Control & Elimination

Homeowners are urged to contact a pest-control company to find out more about how automatic misting systems will work for them and their property. Most reputable pest-control companies will evaluate your property at no-charge. They’ll discuss with you the ideal installation for your property. They’ll also discuss other details necessary to design a system tailored to your needs, budget, and lifestyle.


Types of Mosquito Misting Systems

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A mosquito misting system, sometimes referred to as an automated misting system, is a landscape installation used on residential or commercial properties to mechanically deliver pesticide to flower beds, lawns, or other target areas. These systems work through spray application, whereby nozzles placed around the premises are digitally programmed to release a fine mist of pesticide formula at preset intervals. The pesticide is sent to the nozzles from a pump through tubing.

Automated misting systems come in a variety of brands and models and there are three main differences between the systems currently available on the market.

1)      Tankless vs drum-based

Traditionally, mosquito misting systems have been drum-based. Drum-based systems have a tank (a drum) that must be filled with pesticide formula. A typical drum might hold 55 gallons of pesticide formula and has to be refilled a couple of times per year. Each fresh batch of pesticide formula has to be manually mixed beforehand. Newer, tankless systems use snap-in refill cartridges and the unit automatically mixes the precise dose of misting formula for you. Tankless systems cost a few hundred dollars more than drum-based systems; however, compared to drum-based systems, they use an average of 40% less pesticide per year saving you money in the long-run.

2)      Stationary vs portable

Some automated misting systems are portable, which others require fixed installation.  With portable systems, the misting unit is self-contained, lightweight, and battery-operated so it can be easily transported to different sites. Portable systems save time and money since there is no need to run tubing or install nozzles or risers. With stationary systems on the other hand, the master unit (the pump) is heavier and larger, and tubing and nozzles have to be installed. The unit is also electric-powered so it must remain close to an electric socket.

3)      Battery-powered vs motor-powered vs electric-powered

With electric-powered mosquito misting systems, the pump needs to be plugged into an electric outlet. Battery-operated and motor-powered systems on the other hand do not require an electric outlet.


Automated Misting Systems Help Eliminate Garden Pests

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There are few things more satisfying than a healthy, thriving garden or yard. From holding outdoor events, to sunbathing on a lawn chair, a peaceful, attractive yard is a great asset and one that should not be taken for granted. That is why the first sign of outdoor pests in a garden or yard is always cause for concern.

Insect pests such as aphids and ladybugs can propagate quickly, damaging foliage, and reversing months of garden maintenance in no time at all. Flying and biting insects like mosquitoes and bees are a nuisance and can cause serious allergic reactions in some people, while insects like stink bugs will enter homes through door cracks and windows bringing their unpleasant odor with them. Without prompt and effective action, insect pests can significantly reduce the quality of your home life and cost you a fine penny in the long-run.

Automated misting systems are a smart, cost-effective solution for dealing with bug infestations.  Automated misting systems work by automatically spraying a precise dose of pesticide on garden lawns and shrubs at regular intervals. The units work in any weather and can be used with both synthetic and natural pesticides. They are easy to install and are equally well-suited for residential and commercial landscapes. Misting nozzles are placed in strategic locations on the property and blend in perfectly with the landscape, while the inconspicuous supply lines are run along fences or eaves, or buried in the ground along the perimeter of the grounds.

Automated misting systems eliminate the need for time-consuming manual applications of pesticide. Most systems also come with a remote control so that the spray nozzles can be activated at any time. Some misting units have sensors that respond to sunlight and others adjust the misting action depending on wind conditions. Automated misting systems have a long operating life and are easy to maintain. The misting nozzles need to be cleaned periodically with a cleaning solution, but otherwise, these convenient, user-friendly devices really do take the “pest” out of pest control.

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