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Will Your Chimney Last the Winter?

Chimneys can last for decades, safely removing smoke from your home and keeping your fireplace ventilated. However, they do need maintenance and repairs to keep them safe and functional. There are an estimated 25,000 chimney fires and many other chimney problems that occur every year. If you have an older chimney, you need to make sure it kept maintained. Have you inspected your chimney to ensure it is ready to last the winter?

Signs of Chimney Problems

A routine check of your chimney is the best way to catch signs of disrepair. As your chimney gets older, it may settle or become unstable. This can allow air in that can cause a chimney fire or result in a collapsed chimney. Some signs to look for include:

  • Spalling or shaling. If there are pieces of chimney tile falling inside in the fireplace, this is called shaling. Pieces of chimney falling around the outside structure is called spalling. Both are signs of damage that can lead to structural problems.
  • Leaning chimney. Take a close look at your chimney from outside. Is it leaning, or does it have deteriorating mortar joints? This can be caused by settling and too much moisture, leading to a crumbling or collapsing chimney.
  • Rust or white stains. Rust on dampers or the firebox and white staining on the outside of the chimney are signs of too much moisture. This can cause deterioration of the mortar and chimney.

If you notice any of these problems, call a chimney or masonry expert to schedule a professional inspection and repair. This can prevent chimney failure during the winters months and keep your family safe.

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3 Signs Your Chimney Needs Repairing

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Your chimney can last for decades without any problems. Routine cleanings are usually all the maintenance needed to keep it safe and efficient, but occasionally you will need repairs. If the structure of your chimney becomes unstable, it can become a hazard. Bricks can fall or leaks can cause a fire, putting your home and family at risk. Here are three signs your chimney needs a repair by a professional mason.

  1. Leaning. If your chimney has begun to lean, you should be calling your local masonry expert immediately. This can be a dangerous situation. A high-wind storm, heavy rains or nothing at all can bring your chimney tumbling down if it is unstable.
  2. Cracks. Are there spaces between bricks or cracks in your chimney? This can lead to bricks falling or the entire chimney crumbling down. Cracks can be signs of an unlevel foundation under your chimney or other structural problems.
  3. Evidence of moisture. There are signs that your chimney is leaking in moisture, which means it needs repair. If the wall near the chimney is warped or there is damage to the wallpaper, it can point to moisture issues. Also, if your firebox or damper is rusted, this is a sign of moisture problems.

Other signs of chimney issues are not as easy to spot. If you are on your roof and notice the chimney crown is cracked or the mortar joints are damaged, these are also signs you need a chimney repair. Don’t hesitate to call your local masonry expert for a repair. Chimney problems can lead to fires, injury and property damage that you want to avoid.

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