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Make Your Siding Sparkle for Curb Appeal

Does your home look dull or rundown due to dirty siding? Mildew, dirt, pollen and other substances can stick to your siding, detracting from the beauty of your home. To make your home look beautiful and inviting, clean your siding and improve your curb appeal with pressure washing. It is a quick way to improve the beauty and value of your home, if you use the right tools and techniques.

Safely Cleaning Siding

Pressure washing can be used to clean most types of siding, but it is important to know the right methods. Too high of pressure or the wrong technique and you may damage the siding or loosen shingles. It is important to avoid certain problems, such as:

  • Getting water inside vents that can lead to water or mold damage
  • Lifting shingles
  • High pressure that can dent or pierce vinyl siding
  • Splintering wood siding or shingles
  • Removing paint from too high of pressure or too close of stream
  • Damage to soffits or fascia boards

While pressure washing can remove the dirt and mildew on your home, it can also cause thousands of dollars in damage if not done correctly. To make your siding look like new, it is best to hire a professional pressure washing service that has the right equipment, cleaners and experience to carefully and effectively clean your siding without doing any damage.

In just a few hours, your home’s siding can look fresh and new again. Contact a local pressure washing service to make your siding sparkle and improve your curb appeal. It can add value to your home and protect your siding from damage, making it a worthwhile investment to maintain your home.

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Cleaning the Outside of a Home with Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a popular material for the outside of homes and businesses because, unlike other types of siding, vinyl siding does not rot and never needs to be painted.  All your vinyl siding needs to keep looking great is a good periodic cleaning.   Dirt, mold, and mildew accumulate over time and a thorough washing will make vinyl siding look like new again.  Regular washing will help prevent the dirt and mildew from permanently staining or discoloring your siding.

Many homeowners use a conventional pressure washer to clean their vinyl siding, but a pressure washers use such high pressure that they can actually cause damage to your home.  These pressure washers rely on a stream of water that has been pressurized to very high pressure to remove dirt by the force of the water. 

The problem with using such high pressure water is that the water can infiltrate under the siding and soak the studs and wood sheathing.  Vinyl siding is made with perforations along the bottom edge that air can circulate under the siding. 

When high pressure water is directed at the siding, it shoot up into the perforations and gets everything behind the siding wet.  When wood framing or sheathing gets wet, it will begin to rot.  In addition, mold and mildew will begin to grow behind the siding.   

Low pressure washing is the better alternative for cleaning vinyl siding.  Low pressure washing uses environmentally safe chemicals to clean away the dirt, mildew, and debris, followed by a thorough rinse with high volume, low pressure water.  This technique gets the siding spotlessly clean while avoiding water infiltration issues.

Call an Alpharetta GA pressure washing contractor to have your vinyl siding safely cleaned with modern low pressure cleaning and it will look like new again.

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