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So you have decided to put in a high tech home theater in your basement. After looking through hundreds of ideas on the Internet, how do you even know know where to begin? It is a good idea to the professionals at a home theater business help you. Choosing a company that has been designing home theaters for a number of years in and around your area is highly recommended. They will understand the ins and outs of making a home theater worth your time and money in your specific area. 

When designing a home theater, it should always be done on an individual basis. One must take the room dimensions, where the room is located in the home, acoustic design, and desires of each of client into consideration when designing a home theater. An expert home theater design team will help you choose the best components for your given budget and desires in order to develop the perfect home theater for your home. Many people believe that simply purchasing high-end electronics will automatically make their home theater something special, but a professional home theater design company knows that it takes much more than a good sound system and movie projector. 

Proper design, layout, and functionality are all important when designing a home theater. With our years of experience, a quality home theater company knows how to deliver results that take their customers by surprise each and every time. If you are searching for a company to trust to help you design your home theater, call begin by interviewing recommended companies in your area. You need to find the one that can take your desired entertainment components and your personal design ideas and make them work together to create an atmosphere that will make your personal home theater worth every penny.

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Which Type of TV is Best For You? Part II – LCD and LCD/LED TVs

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Since a television is one of the central components of your home theater system – and usually the most costly – it is well worth taking a good look at your options. In addition to plasma flat screen TVs, there are LCD and LCD/LED TVs. 


A LCD TV uses different technology than a plasma TV, something called a liquid crystal display. In LCD televisions, two pieces of transparent material are placed at right angles and are backlit by fluorescent tubing. 

LCD TVs come in sizes ranging from 16″ to 57″ and are made by many different manufacturers, not just a handful. In comparison to plasma, they have less of a side viewing angle and aren’t as good at tracking motion, say, in a sports game. But LCDs are lighter in weight than plasma, so they can be hung much more easily, and they use less power. 


The third type of flat screen TV is the LED TV, sometimes called the LED/LCD TV, and it is a technology that is relatively new, first appearing on the market around 2004.  LED TVs are very similar to LCD TVs, but instead of fluorescent lighting, they use LED to backlight the screen. 

LED TV’s come in a wide range of sizes, but are a bit thinner than their LCD predecessors, usually less than an inch. LEDs often surpass LCDs in terms of picture brightness and contrast in terms of quality. LEDs are also more energy efficient, making them the best choice of all TVs in terms of efficiency. 

As a new technology, LED TVs hold a lot of promise, but at the moment they are a bit more expensive than LCD TVs and comparable in price to plasma.


The Advantages Of A Home Theater

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With the amazing high definition technology available to the home viewing audience today, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t invest in a home theater but a whole host of reasons you should:

  • Movie tickets keep going up in price and taking the whole family to the theater is now a major expense.
  • The cost of popcorn and a few soft drinks at movie theater are ridiculous, imagine how much you could save by staying at home and enjoying a movie instead.
  • It’s easy to get a fully immersive surround sound system in your home today, all you need to do is contact a professional home theater company to help you work out how to make the best of your space.
  • With Blu-Ray technology the picture you get at home is the same picture you get in a movie theater and there will be no one else talking through the movie as you sit back and relax in the comfort of your armchair and taking in the scene.
  • You control the volume so no missed lines and of course if you get distracted for a second or two you can always skip back to catch up on what you didn’t see.
  • If you’ve got young children there’s no need to arrange for a baby sitter when you want to see something that’s on past their bedtime
  • You can afford to go to the cinema every single day, whenever you want without ever having to leave your home – it’s even kind on the environment because you won’t be driving when you’re watching.

Given all the fantastic benefits of a home movie theater isn’t it time you got in touch with a custom home theater design company to start planning your perfect viewing experience?

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