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Street Legal Golf Carts

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As the cost of gasoline continues to increase, many people are finding golf carts a viable means of in town transportation, where allowed by local traffic laws.  Many states across the United States have passed laws to permit and regulate the use of low speed vehicles, which how golf carts are classified, on public roads.  In general, these laws regulate these vehicles by defining the type of roads they may be used on, the required equipment and the requirements of the driver. 

Typically, the states where golf carts or low speed vehicles are allowed, limit their operation to streets and roads where the posted speed limit is 35 miles per hour or less.  In general, these laws will allow a road with a higher posted speed limit to be crossed, as long as the low speed vehicle is only crossing thru an intersection. 

Most laws also dictate the required equipment for the golf cart to be equipped with to legally operate on the street.  Typically equipment includes headlights, stop lamps, turn signal lamps, tail lamps, reflex reflectors, parking brakes, rear view mirrors, windshields, seat belts and vehicle identification numbers. 

Most jurisdictions require that the operator of the low speed vehicle have a valid driver’s license, with the license being in their possession at all times when the vehicle is being operated.  In addition, the low speed vehicle will more than likely need to be registered and insured as well. 

Each state is different, so it is advisable to look the individual requirements of each state and city, prior to committing to a low speed vehicle.  Low speed vehicles are an affordable and viable option for many people who really do not need a car for a majority of their travels.

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Using Golf Carts Off the Course

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For some the current “must have” pleasure craft is an ATV, motorcycle, or even a scooter.  Given the continuously rising price of oil, everyone is looking at smaller, cheaper, modes of transportation, regardless of speed. Enter the new fad to hit some markets: “The Cart Craze!” 

In addition to purchasing a new golf cart, you can now easily purchase used golf carts from dealers that specialize in used and refurbished golf carts. You can even have your golf cart personally customized to meet your specific individual needs.

Most golf cart companies carry all the major manufacturers that you are already used to driving on the golf course. You can usually find your favorite cart in either gas or electric.  You can make your golf cart a reflection of yourself, order it in your favorite color, and have it delivered.

Today the traditional golf cart is being used in so many different ways than originally intended. Golf carts have residential and commercial applications, serving specific needs even in apartment buildings. Any venue that requires a bit of walking such as sporting events, warehouses, some senior living facilities or even hunting events, can be usefully served with the customer service provided by golf cart availability.

Call your local golf cart equipment and supply company to see if they can meet your specific needs. Most companies will also provide expert service technicians. Perhaps you already own a golf cart and it is in need of a tune-up, reconditioning, or a complete overhaul, you can be sure that the service techs at a local golf cart dealer will do a top quality job at a fair price. Some companies may provide trailers for service repair pickup and delivery.

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