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3 Reasons to Add a Backyard Kitchen

More and more people are using their backyards and patio area as an addition to their living space. Why spend time indoors when you can relax outside in the fresh air? The only problem is that when it is time to eat, everything still needs to come out from the indoor kitchen. While firing up the grill is one way to move the cooking duties outside, there is still quite a bit of running in and out. Why not add a backyard kitchen to complete your outdoor space? Here are three great reasons to build an outdoor cooking space.

  1. Convenience. Make it simpler to feed the family or guests by bringing the kitchen to where you eat. If you love eating alfresco, then make it more convenient with a full kitchen connected to your patio or deck. Add a fridge, sink and cabinets to have everything you need outside. Plus, cleaning is so much easier when you can do it outside.
  2. Conversation. If you are the cook in the family, you know how much you miss when you stuck in the kitchen cooking. Join in the fun and stay part of the conversation during gatherings with an interactive outdoor kitchen space.
  3. Value. Your outdoor kitchen will not only be a benefit to you and your family, it can add value to your home. Many people enjoy outdoor living and a backyard kitchen could be a great selling point if you put your home on the market.

Don’t spend another summer running to and from your indoor kitchen. Call your local paver contractor to discuss building your new backyard kitchen for your outdoor living space.

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Enjoying an Al Fresco Dinner at Your Home

Most people spend the majority of the days inside at work. Why come home and do the same? Enjoy your dinners with your family al fresco, or under the open air. You can create an outdoor dining area; better yet, you can cook your meals outdoors too. Here are some ideas to make al fresco dinners a regular occurrence at your home.

Stone Patio

Start your dining experience off right with a new stone patio. Stone pavers can create a stunning floor for your outdoor dining area. Tumbled marble or travertine are excellent choices for your patio; they are easy to maintain, stay cool in the hot sun and look beautiful. Make sure your patio is large enough to accommodate guests when you want to entertain.

Add a Dining Set

You need a comfortable, stylish outdoor dining set for your al fresco dinners. Choose a table that suits your taste and will fit your family and a few friends on special occasions. Make sure to find comfortable chairs – you want to be able to relax while you enjoy your dinner under the sky.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you love to cook, having an outdoor kitchen will be wonderful for your al fresco nights. Why get stuck in the kitchen when you can cook under the sky and be with your family on the patio? Find a local contractor to build your dream kitchen outside – it will be great for private dinners and when you entertain, plus add value to your home.

Make this summer all about dinner al fresco at your home. Talk to your local contractor to start designing your new patio and outdoor kitchen.

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Benefits of Adding an Outdoor Kitchen to Your Home

Do you love cooking for friends and family, especially when you can eat outdoors? Why settle for just a grill to prepare outdoor meals when you can have an entire kitchen on your back patio? Custom outdoor kitchens are a popular addition to enhance the entertainment area at your home. Consider these benefits in investing in a new kitchen for your outdoor living space.

  • Convenience. Make it simple to prepare gourmet meals for your guests outside with an outdoor kitchen. Adding a sink, stovetop and fridge make it convenient for you to make more than just burgers for your next party.
  • Clean up. Who wants to bring in messy outdoor cooking utensils and sooty pans into their indoor kitchen? Clean up outside in your outdoor kitchen to keep your home clean. It also saves on trips in and out of your house that can track in dirt.
  • Conversation. With an outdoor kitchen, you can enjoy spending time with your guests while you make them a fabulous meal. No need to be away from the fun just because you have food to prepare.
  • Outdoor kitchens add beauty and value to your home. Consider a natural stone kitchen to complement your outdoor space. When it comes time to sell your home, this added feature will differentiate your home from others on the market.

If outdoor entertaining is one of your pleasures, make it easier and more convenient with an outdoor kitchen addition to your patio. Talk to your local paving contractor that offers outdoor living home improvements to get started designing your dream outdoor kitchen for your home.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Cooking Area

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Do you love grilling and cooking outdoors? There is something about cooking outside, and eating alfresco, that makes meals more enjoyable. You can get out in the fresh air and relax with friends and family, all while creating wonderful food to share. Why not make it even better with an improved outdoor cooking area? Here are three ways to enhance your cooking area outdoors to make it simpler to grill and prepare your alfresco meals.

  • Expand your patio. If you are stuck grilling in the grass, it is time to expand your patio to include a cooking area. Whether you opt to revamp your entire patio or just add on a paved area for grilling, you deserve to have a level spot for your grill. Tumbled marble or travertine pavers are a perfect fit for your patio and outdoor kitchen area.
  • Go big. Consider investing in a complete outdoor kitchen for your patio. Your grill can be the centerpiece, but having counters and burners for cooking your pasta or corn-on-the-cob makes it easier to complete the entire meal outside.
  • Add plumbing. Don’t bring in those messy pans into your indoor kitchen to scrub when you are done grilling. Plumb in a sink for easy cleanup outside and quick access to water for making your meals.

An outdoor kitchen or cooking area can add value to your home and make afternoons on your patio with friends and family more enjoyable. Talk to your local paving contractor about extending your patio to include an outdoor cooking area or complete kitchen to make the most out of your outdoor living space.

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Natural Stone: The Perfect Material to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Space

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Is your outdoor space needing a makeover? If you want to update the outdoor areas of your home, consider using natural stone. Not only is this material durable and beautiful, it can add value to your home with its classic appeal. Here are some ways to use natural stone to spruce up your outdoor living space.

  • A travertine patio. Create a stylish patio with travertine pavers that are unique, easy to maintain and a gorgeous addition to any home. Travertine pavers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors that can give your outdoor space an updated, trendy look.
  • Tumbled marble pool deck. Sunbathe on beautiful tumbled marble pavers for your pool deck, adding a classy touch to your outdoor relaxation area. Marble is perfect for a Mediterranean-style for your pool area.
  • Outdoor kitchen. Natural stone pavers are perfect for creating your outdoor kitchen for entertaining your guests. They are heat resistant and easy to clean, an excellent choice for building your counters and cabinets for your kitchen.
  • Fire pits. Enjoy late nights under the stars around your natural stone fire pit, a great addition to make your outdoor area warm all year round.
  • Cobbled walkways. Natural stone pavers or bricks are wonderful for walkways through your garden or backyard area.

Natural stone is very trendy right now for home design, inside and out. However, it is also a material that has a classic appeal that will be stylish for many years to come. Talk to your local natural stone paving company to explore ways to use this versatile material to add beauty to your outdoor living space.

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Outdoor Kitchen Components

Once you’ve come up with a design and structure for your outdoor kitchen, it’s now time to consider appliances and accessories and with outdoor kitchens enjoying so much popularity these days, the market is crowded with options.  


The grill typically takes center stage in the outdoor kitchen. They are usually made of stainless steel and can be stand alone units or components that are dropped into a professionally built structure. Grills can also include side burners and stainless steel counter space for food prep. 

There are also plenty of grill accessories available, including grill hoods that protect your guests from annoying smoke and warming drawers for storing cooked food. 

Mini Refrigerator 

These are particularly useful for keeping cold drinks and ice within reach and storing condiments. 


These stainless steel units fit right into your professionally built outdoor kitchen counter. They can be fed by hose, or through your home’s plumbing. 

Electrical outlets 

These are handy for using any electric appliance outdoors, including blenders, stereos and outside lighting. 

Heater or Fireplace 

If you are planning to use your outdoor kitchen space in cooler months, a small built in electrical heater is an invaluable tool. Better yet, have your landscaper or professional paver build an outdoor fireplace – the ultimate in luxury and romance! 

Kitchen Island 

A kitchen island in your outdoor kitchen is just as useful as a kitchen island in your indoor one. Your local expert paving and landscape contractors can help you design one that will suit your needs perfectly.


Considerations for Outdoor Kitchens

Posted in Landscaping

Outdoor kitchens are all the rage these days and for good reason.  A custom outdoor kitchen is an excellent addition to any home for outdoor entertaining.  They add beauty and value to your home while providing years of enjoyment and pleasure.

Before you call your contractor, take a few minutes to consider what you want to get from your outdoor kitchen.  Careful planning now can avoid overspending for an outdoor kitchen that is more elaborate than you will ever need or failing to incorporate features in your outdoor kitchen that will limit your enjoyment.

First, think about how much you plan to use the outdoor kitchen.  Will it be for regularly entertaining large numbers of guests or just occasionally entertaining a few friends and family?  An outdoor kitchen can cost anywhere from one thousand to fifty thousand dollars depending on the size and amount of equipment included in the design.  You want a design that complements the beauty of your home, but try to align your budget with the amount of enjoyment you anticipate getting from the outdoor kitchen over the years.

Next, decide where you want to put the outdoor kitchen.  Most outdoor kitchens are located close to the home to allow for convenient outdoor entertaining and to minimize wiring and plumbing considerations.  However, try to place the grill where the smoke will tend to blow away from the house and your guests.

As you begin construction, don’t try to cut corners on the equipment, plumbing or electrical installations.  Outdoor equipment has to withstand exposure to the weather and your plumbing and electrical components should be specifically designed for outdoor use.  An experienced outdoor kitchen contractor will be able to help you design and build a beautiful, durable outdoor kitchen that meets your needs within your budget.


Contractor Licensing and Insurance Considerations

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When selecting a contractor for handling a home renovation, landscaping, roofing, or any other home improvement project, protect yourself by making sure that you are dealing with a reputable local contractor who is fully licensed and insured.

Almost anyone slap a magnetic sign on the side of their truck and claim to be a contractor, but if you want a professional, high quality job done with a minimum of hassle, you want to make sure that you are working with an experienced professional contractor like Tri County Pavers and Design, a Florida contractor that does excellent work in the design and construction of custom outdoor kitchens and other landscaping work.

Before hiring the contractor, ask to see their license and proof of insurance.  They should have both liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.  Their liability insurance will protect you if the contractor damages your property or your neighbor’s property while working on your home. 

Workers compensation insurance protects you against claims by their workers who may be injured on the job.  Remodeling and landscaping work can be hazardous and workers can easily be injured.  If the contractor does not have workers compensation insurance, you could be on the hook for the worker’s injuries.  Your homeowner’s insurance may cover such injuries, but you would still be responsible for the deductible and handling the claims.

Save yourself some headaches by only dealing with a professional landscape contractor like Tri County Pavers and Design.  You will not only get top quality workmanship, but you will avoid any potential hassles.

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