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Does Your Golf Cart Need a Makeover?

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You don’t need to have a boring golf cart. If you have a run-of-the-mill golf cart, jazz it up with a makeover. Golf carts can be customized to improve the style and functionality. If you are ready to personalize your golf cart, consider these customization options:

  • New wheels. Every vehicle looks better with nice wheels, including golf carts. Upgrade your cart’s wheels to add a little bling and style to your ride. Larger wheels can also give you more clearance if you use your cart on rough terrain; you can also add a lift kit to improve the appearance and function of your cart.
  • Change the color. The standard colors in golf carts can be dull. Get a customized paint job to make your golf cart stand out in the crowd – it will easy to see you coming when you go with a bright color or interesting graphics.
  • Comfort amenities. Change the seats, add heat/or a fan – make your golf cart comfortable. You can install a stereo and many of the same features you have in your vehicle to your golf cart. An enclosure can also keep you dry when the bad weather hits.
  • Go street legal. Want to take your cart off the course or trails and onto the road? Consider adding a street legal kit to your cart and get more function for your cart. It can be a great way to get around the neighborhood.

Give your old golf cart a new look. Talk to your local golf cart dealer that offers customization and start your golf cart makeover – you want your cart to look great for the summer.

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Custom Options for Your New Golf Cart

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Are you in the market to buy a new golf cart? Whether you are buying it for using on the course or want a golf cart for easy transportation around your residence or business property, why settle for a standard vehicle? Golf cart customization has come a long way, giving you the option of creating a stylish recreational vehicle with all the amenities you have wanted for your utility cart. Here are a few of the popular customization options that are available:

  • Street legal. Want to be able to drive through the neighborhood in your new cart? There are street legal kits that can give you all the safety options like rear view mirrors, speed chips and turn signals needed to meet your local street laws.
  • Enhanced wheels. Many utility cart owners are opting for larger wheels and tires on their carts, including off-road 10” tires for enhanced traction.
  • Customized paint or wraps. Trick out your golf cart with a customized paint job or a wrap to make your cart out in the crowd. You can represent your business logo, favorite sports team or hot rod flames – don’t settle for a boring cart when you can personalize it with your own flare.
  • Luxury options. Make your golf cart more like your luxury vehicle by adding options like a stereo, heater/AC, customized steering wheel and much more.

What would make your new golf cart the best it could be? There are endless custom options available to make your golf cart into the ultimate recreational vehicle. Talk to your local golf cart dealer today to begin exploring all the custom features that you can add to your new cart.

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Personalize Your Golf Cart with Customization

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Whether you want a golf cart for the course or as a tool to use for your business, you want a cart that reflects your personality. Why buy a standard golf or utility cart when you can have a customized cart that has the bells and whistles you want? Like any vehicle, golf carts can be customized any way you desire, from the wheels and paint to adding specialized options like stereos and street-legal kits. The only things limiting you is your imagination and your budget.

Golf Cart Customization Ideas

There are a few ways that you can make your golf cart stand out through customization. Though a basic model will get you where you want to go, why stop there? Here are a few ideas to create a cart that has all the features and options that you prefer.

  • Customized paint or wrap. Golf carts can undergo a customized paint job or even a wrap to get the look you want. Whether you want to match your cart to your company’s colors or reflect your love for your favorite sport’s team, you can create a personalized cart that won’t be easily forgotten.
  • Lifts, wheels and tires. Wheels and tires can make a big difference on your car or truck and the same is true for your golf cart. Lift kits are also a popular option to give more clearance and improve the aesthetics of the vehicle.
  • Personalized features. Almost any features or options that you can add to your vehicle can also be added to your golf cart. Stereos, A/C, leather upholstery and many other options are available to stylize your cart.

Don’t settle for a plain golf cart. Make a statement with a customized cart that will be as unique as you are.

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Customized Golf Carts

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Not every golf cart needs to look the same, when it easy to have any golf cart customized to meet both your needs and your personality.  There are a number of customized safety, performance and cosmetic available for all models of gas or electric golf carts, including those manufactured by Yamaha, E-Z-Go and Club Car.  These custom features and upgrades are affordable and in most cases can be completed quickly by a qualified technician experienced in working on these vehicles. 

One of the most popular safety customization projects available is the installation of various products to make the golf cart street legal, as well as safe to operate on roads.  These products include such things as mirrors, turn signals and seat belts.  In addition, some customers, especially those with children, want speed chips installed in the cart to limit the speed of the cart. 

There are a number of customized performance options available as well including large 10” tires, off road tires and lift kits.  Often owners who want to be able to use their custom golf carts in more rugged terrain select these customized options.  The large wheels and lift kits provide additional ground clearance, while the of road tires increase traction in off road conditions. 

A custom paint job is one of the most popular of all custom cosmetic options available for golf cars.  The cart can be painted in a wide variety of colors and finishes, in addition, car like features such as fenders can be fabricated as well.    Another option is to have the seats of the cart recovered with a variety of different fabrics and leathers.  

The only thing that limits the available custom features on a golf cart is the owner’s imagination!

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Customizing Your Personal Golf Cart

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Most people want something different from everyone else – even with golf carts. 

If you want a golf cart that’s unique and unlike the others, then you’ll need it customized. Customizing your personal golf cart is an excellent way to get more out of your golf cart, plus it’s a lot of fun. Therefore, when preparing to order your own customized cart, consider the following: 

  • What exactly do you need in/on your golf cart? 
  • Do you just want a golf cart that stands out from the rest while on the green? 
  • Are you in search of a golf cart that’s uniquely you versus the traditional dull golf carts? 
  • Will you need your customized cart for more than just golf?  
  • Will you use it for transportation – to help you get (or transport stuff) from one place to the next?  

Many people are surprised when they realize just how useful custom golf carts are. In fact, they are often the perfect choice when cars are a bit much, but the distance is simply too far for walking. 

How Will You Customize Your Cart?
Golf carts can be customized in a variety of ways, including ways you wouldn’t expect.

  • Beverages: You can customize your cart to keep your drinks, beverages, or food cool while you’re enjoying the company of friends outside. You can also have it customized to maintain the temperature of your hot beverages.
  • Multiple Passengers: You can have your cart customized to carry more than one or two people. With customized carts, you’ll be surprised at how many people they can accommodate.
  • Colors: Traditional golf carts are usually an off-white color. Customizing your golf cart allows you to go beyond such a dull color. Simply let your golf cart professional know what colors to include, and also any specific design (s) you’re interested in. With customized carts, it’s easy to ride around in one that fits your needs, style, or personality.

Contact your golf cart service professional to find out more details on getting your own customized personal golf cart.


Questions to Consider Before Ordering Your Custom Golf Cart

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Nowadays, you probably see custom golf carts in a variety of shapes and sizes. While people typically seek a customized golf cart that looks amazing, businesses usually require golf carts customized for a variety of functional needs. 

Regardless of your golf cart needs – business or personal – custom carts offer you a world of satisfying options. If you’re interested in getting a customized golf cart, then you’ll need to ask yourself a few important questions…before contacting a golf cart company.

Plans for Your Custom Golf Cart

How do you plan to use your custom golf cart

This is perhaps one of the most important questions you’ll need to consider. Do you plan on using it on the golf course, for a warehouse, or some other purpose? Once you’ve answered this question, your golf cart service professional can offer you excellent recommendations to best meet your needs.

Designing Your Custom Golf Cart

Occasionally, deciding what you want your custom golf cart to look like can be tough. Therefore, it’s an excellent idea to review photos of carts that you find pleasing. It’s also quite helpful to have a photo or image to show your golf cart service professional so they know what you like and what you don’t like.

Accessorizing Your Custom Golf Cart

The awesome thing about custom golf carts is that there are countless accessories you can have added to it. Knowing what you want, before your cart is constructed, is extremely important. Ask your golf cart service professional what accessories they offer in order to determine which ones work best for you. 

Whether you’re designing a custom golf cart for personal or business reasons, you’ll surely have your needs met. Nevertheless, before meeting with your golf cart designer consider your plans for the cart, your golf carts design, and whether you want special accessories.

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