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iPhone Battery Extenders

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iPhones are one of the most popular smart phones on the market.  Offering a great deal of basic functions such as a phone, camera, contact management and calendar, the device also has the capability to run tens of thousands of applications or “apps”.  While this capability is truly remarkable the only downside is that all of this drains down the battery on the iPhone quickly. 

While it may not dramatically impact all users, it does impact those users, especially mobile business people, who are not in a position to recharge the battery during the day and primarily need the phone function.  Although Apple recommends a number of steps to take to conserve battery life, including setting up the device to check for email a certain amount of times per hour, these really limit the usefulness of the device. 

One alternative is to have a battery extender installed on the iPhone.  There are a number of different options available at several different price points, but iPhone battery extenders all basically do two things.  First they dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to fully charge the phone. 

This ability to “rapid charge” the phone is a great timesaver for people on the run.  Second, the battery extender will provide double the life of the iPhone’s normal battery.  Now it is possible for business users of the iPhone to be able to use the device normally during the day and depending upon the usage of the phone, eliminate the need to recharge the phone during the normal business day.  Imagine never needing to tell someone on the phone “I need to go now, my battery is almost dead”!

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