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Tips to Extend the Life of Your iPhone

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It is getting more and more expensive to own the latest technology. The days of free cell phones are in the past, especially if you want an iPhone. While some people can afford to buy a new iPhone every time a new model comes available, most people want to ensure their phone lasts as long as possible. Just like any device, your iPhone needs proper care to last. Here are some tips that can help you extend the life of your iPhone until you are ready to upgrade to another model.

Protect It

This should go without saying, but if you don’t already have a protective case or cover on your iPhone, invest in one now. It is only a matter of time before you sit on it, drop it or wear down the plastic from use.

Downloading Apps

Your iPhone is a mini computer and it is susceptible to viruses and malware. Be very careful downloading apps; choose a reliable source to avoid getting a bad bug that can crash your iPhone.

Battery Maintenance

Make your battery last longer by not overcharging or overusing it. Batteries should only be charged until they are full, then unplugged. Often people have apps that continue running in the background, using their battery life when they aren’t using their phone. Make sure this isn’t happening on your iPhone.


Don’t try to do repairs on your own. If you damage the screen or your phone is heating up too fast, bring it to an iPhone repair shop. Makes sure the technicians are trained and certified for working on iPhones and that the company offers a good warranty on their repair work.

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3 Reasons to Get Your Cracked iPhone Screen Repaired Today

It happens every day. An iPhone gets sat on, dropped or takes a tumble, leaving the screen cracked. If it happened to you, your first concern was whether your trusty iPhone still worked. You were probably relieved when you could still use the screen, even though it was difficult to see certain areas on the display. You vowed to get it fixed, soon. Days go by, then weeks and you are still living with the same cracked screen. While it may be working, somewhat, here are three excellent reasons to have that screen fixed today.

  1. Functionality. Your iPhone may work but when the screen is cracked, you lose function. There are parts of text that are difficult to see and areas on your screen that don’t respond to touch. Why live with partial function on your phone?
  2. Increased damage. The longer you live with a cracked screen, the more likely your iPhone will be further damaged. Moisture can seep into your phone through those cracks, causing more detrimental damage to the components in your phone. Plus, the screen will only continue to crack more and become more expensive to fix.
  3. You can get your screen fixed in minutes. Most towns and cities with a shopping center or mall have fast iPhone repair services that can fix your phone in just a few minutes. You don’t have to send it out of town or reload your apps onto another phone; just drop in and get it fixed in a jiffy while you wait.

You spend a lot of money on your iPhone – don’t live with screen damage another day. Stop by your local iPhone repair shop and have your phone looking and working like new again in minutes.

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Don’t Replace Your iPhone- Repair it Instead!

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iPhones are by far the most popular cell phones on the planet. They offer a sleek, stylish design with incredible features and application options that make it hard to live without. If you love your iPhone, it probably travels with you everywhere you go to help you stay in touch, stay on schedule and even buy what you need. The problem is that this heavy use can make it very easy for your iPhone to become damaged and one thing these devices are not is cheap to replace. So what do you do when your phone is damaged and you can’t afford to buy a new one? 

Due to the popularity of iPhones and other smartphones, there are new options available to repair your phone quickly and affordably. In most major cities, there are service companies that specialize in fast repair of iPhones, usually fixing most common problems the same day. Some repairs that are available include: 

  • Screen problems. Cracked and damaged screens are the most common issues with iPhones. Many cell phone repair companies can repair or replace screens in just a few minutes.
  • Dead batteries. If the battery is dead or not charging properly, this can usually be fixed in a walk-in repair shop.
  • Water damage. It is almost impossible to keep liquid away from your iPhone. Water damage mitigation is a common on-the-spot repair. 

If your iPhone has screen, LCD, battery or water damage, don’t empty your bank account buying a new phone. Call a local cell phone repair shop and see if you can have your iPhone repaired for the fraction of the cost of replacement. Some repair companies even offer house calls, coming to you to do the repair.

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Finding Reliable iPhone Repair on the Internet

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The moment your iPhone screen cracks or stops working can be horrible.

Once this happens, you have to consider the various options for fixing your iPhone. You want an option that is both affordable and reliable. Returning your iPhone to its manufacturer often takes considerable time and money – it’s both time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, if you want your iPhone fixed both quickly and inexpensively, you might consider a reliable online iPhone repair company.

Two Important Considerations

When selecting an iPhone repair company on the web, you should first consider the devices they repair.

  1. Do they only repair one model of iPhones, or is their staff well trained to repair various iPhone models? It’s usually better to work with an iPhone repair company that services different models of iPhones. This shows that they are reputable and knowledgeable.
  2. How long will it take them to repair and return your iPhone? Perhaps the best online iPhone repair companies are those with physical locations. This often allows for fast repair time as they have workers and the necessary materials onsite to service your iPhone.

Two Major Benefits

  1. The first major benefit of working with an online repair company for your iPhone is that it’s typically less expensive than returning the phone to the manufacturer for repairs. Even with insurance, manufacturer repairs are normally more costly than those completed by an online iPhone repair company.
  2. The second major benefit is speed. Unlike the manufacturer that’s overloaded with phone calls, problems, and devices to repair, an online iPhone repair company can give you and your device complete attention. As a result, your device is often returned to you much more quickly than if returned to the manufacturer.

Taking all the above into consideration, a reliable online iPhone repair company is certainly a fast and affordable option.

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