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High Density Polyethylene

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a polyethylene thermoplastic made from petroleum. HDPE is one of many types of polymer products and is used in the production of many popular items including plastic bottles, plastic lumber, and corrosion resistant piping. High density polyethylene can withstand high temperatures, and it is a very hard product. High density polyethylene was first experimented with in the 1930s during World War II. It was used in the application of high frequency radar cables during the war, and because of its success it gave way to commercial production. Polyethylene is one of the most widely uses plastics world wide, with production in the billions of pounds each year. 

There are many advantages of high density polyethylene. It is impact and wear resistant, it is flexible, and it can have a very high elongation before breaking. Because of these properties it is a favorite choice when wrapping and shipping food. Plastic milk jugs are one of the most common items produced from high density polyethylene. The product can sustain cold temperatures, and high density polyethylene lends itself particularly well to blow molding for forming milk jugs. 

For companies that are in the business of manufacturing plastic bottles, piping, or plastic lumber it is important to find a reliable source for purchasing high density polyethylene. Because HDPE is an industrial product, it must be bought in bulk from reliable companies with the license to manufacture and sell it. High density polyethylene is a product that is needed and used world wide, therefore pricing can be very competitive. By shopping around and doing your research, you can find the most reputable and budget friendly source. 

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Industrial Polymer Products

Polymer is used in a great number of products that are used daily by every person and company in theUnited Statesand beyond.  Examples of the uses of polymers include plastics, which need to be strong, as well as coatings that prevent sticking and nylon.  Examples of polymer products include High Density Polyethylene and Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. 

High Density Polyethylene or HDPE, as it is also known, is used to manufacture products such as pipe, plastic bottles, plastic lumber, hard hats and fuel tanks for vehicles.  The nature of the product makes it very resistant to high temperatures and much harder than polypropylene products.  The product has a high strength to density ration and is also recyclable. 

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene or UHMW, as it is also known, is the strongest product of its type available in the marketplace.  The benefits of the material include its lack of odor and that it is non toxic.  In addition, it is highly resistant to strong chemicals and abrasion.  In fact, the product is six times more abrasion resistant that steel.  The product does not become brittle at extreme temperatures and is usable in temperatures ranging from -155°F to +200°F!  

An experienced industrial product company will be able to provide expert guidance on the best polymer product available at the best possible price, to meet the needs of the manufacturer.  The manufacturer’s representatives are highly trained in the subject and can assist in the selection of the best polymer products available in the marketplace!

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