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The Strength and Power of Steel Staircases

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Steel is an extremely strong material that is derived from a combination of iron and carbon. Usually, steel has a bluish-gray or gray color. The building and construction industry uses it a lot because it’s perhaps the best fabricating and structural material. And, the construction of metal stairs happens to be a very popular use for steel.

The building and construction sector utilize steel due to its extreme strength. Staircases constructed with steel, instead of timber or other materials, ensures a secure construction.

Steel, while being quite strong is also rather pliable. This means that steel can be molded to pretty much any shape. Whether your typical staircase or spiral staircase, steel can be reconfigured to meet any design needs necessary for buildings or homes.

Corrosion Resistant
Steel utilized in the construction of buildings is almost always made stainless. This allows it to remain free from rust, which is caused by water. Metal or steel staircases maintain their shiny luster for an amazingly long time.

In addition to staying free of corrosion, steel stairs will endure over a long period of time. Unlike timber or other materials, steel is not affected by termites. Furthermore, steel staircases don’t easily bend or break due to heavy weight that’s placed on them.

Professional Steel Staircase Construction
Steel staircases can be used for a variety of purposes, including schools, stadiums, office buildings, and warehouses. It’s also used in the construction of apartment complexes, condominiums, hospitals, and more. 

If you’re considering metal or steel stairs, be sure to contact your local steel stair contractor for more details and information.




Why to Hire a Full Service Welding Company

Posted in Welding

The emphasis today in most areas of the construction business seems to be “full service” and “customizing” those services. This is true even in the welding industry.  Many welding companies today will be self-contained and able to provide you with everything from estimating to project management.

While providing a full range of metal and steel products fabrication and construction services to  property owners and general contractors, welding companies can still be a source for a wide range of custom welding projects, such as various ornamental works of iron, or specific projects of stainless steel and aluminum. Typical fabrications can include railings and platforms, racks or cages for storage, different sizes of ladders or stairs.

Some full service welding and metal fabrication contractors may also offer a special emphasis on the design, fabrication and installation of metal stairs for new construction or for existing facilities. They specialize in the design and installation of steel stairs, landings, and railings to meet exact specifications, whether they are inside a building or even standing alone outside, such as fire observation towers. Talented metal craftsmen and welders can build top quality metal stairs and walkways using your drawings or you can work with their draftsmen to create a design for your project that will turn your concept into reality.  Most project managers have the experience and expertise necessary to keep your project on time and within your budget. 

When contacting your local welding professional, find out if they can provide single source, turnkey (from concept to completion) solutions to general contractors and property owners.  Make sure they can handle the project from start to finish, including design, fabrication, demolition of existing structures, installation and finishing (powder coating, galvanizing, and primer and paint), as well as other miscellaneous repairs or changes while on site, such as concrete work and wood work.


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