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Does Your Business Need A Vacuum Conveyor Belt?

There are many types of commercial conveyor belts available for manufacturing, packaging and warehousing needs, all with unique benefits and uses. Vacuum conveyor belts are one of these options, designed for the specific purpose of transporting flat items. If you are in the market to purchase a conveyor belt, you may benefit from the unique properties a vacuum conveyor can offer. 

Benefits Of Vacuum Conveyor Belts

Unlike many other types of conveyor belts, vacuum conveyors use suctioned air to keep items secured to the moving belt through the use of air holes. This is useful for a variety of products which easily move or fall off other types of belts. Some of the benefits of using vacuum conveyors include: 

  • Flat items. Vacuum conveyors are perfect for flat products like paper, cardboard and other items with a flat surface. Paper, printing and cardboard industries are some of the largest users of vacuum conveyor belts.
  • Secure grip. Any item which needs to be securely held on a belt due to size, material or inclines can benefit from the use of suction through air holes on vacuum belts.
  • Belt position. For items that need to be held straight or flat on the belt for gluing or other procedures, a vacuum conveyor may be the best solution. 

Most vacuum conveyor belts are customized for the unique product it will be designed to accommodate. This includes the location of air holes, the size of the belt and many other specifications. For companies in the printing, cardboard and paper industries, along with many other applications, the vacuum conveyor is an indispensable piece of equipment which can increase production and quality.

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