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Customization Options for Your Golf Cart

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When you buy a vehicle, one of the factors you consider is the features. You want to have aesthetic, convenience and comfort features that make your ride more enjoyable. The same can be true of your golf cart. Many of the same options that come standard on most cars and trucks can be added to your golf cart. Here are some ways you can personalize and customize your golf cart for your preferences.

Paint and Wheels

Make your golf cart match your style with customized paint and upgraded wheels. You will be amazed what a few aesthetic options can do to make your golf cart look more stylish.

Heaters and Fans

Even though many golf carts are open-air vehicles, you can still benefit from a heater or fan in your cart. This can give you comfort between holes on the course or wherever you travel with your vehicle.


If you get caught in a rain storm or use your golf cart in the winter, an enclosure can be handy to have. This can keep you warm and dry when you are enjoying your trips outside.


Few cars or trucks would be sold without some type of stereo. You can choose any type of audio system you want – connect to your digital music or just add a radio or stereo.

Comfort and Convenient Options

Comfortable seats, cup holders and other features we take for granted in other vehicles rarely come standard in a golf cart. But you can add them or ask for them to be included when you order your new golf cart.

Don’t settle for a boring “cart” when you can have a stylized personal transportation vehicle. Talk to your golf cart dealer about all the options available to customize your golf cart.

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Personalize Your Golf Cart with Customization

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Whether you want a golf cart for the course or as a tool to use for your business, you want a cart that reflects your personality. Why buy a standard golf or utility cart when you can have a customized cart that has the bells and whistles you want? Like any vehicle, golf carts can be customized any way you desire, from the wheels and paint to adding specialized options like stereos and street-legal kits. The only things limiting you is your imagination and your budget.

Golf Cart Customization Ideas

There are a few ways that you can make your golf cart stand out through customization. Though a basic model will get you where you want to go, why stop there? Here are a few ideas to create a cart that has all the features and options that you prefer.

  • Customized paint or wrap. Golf carts can undergo a customized paint job or even a wrap to get the look you want. Whether you want to match your cart to your company’s colors or reflect your love for your favorite sport’s team, you can create a personalized cart that won’t be easily forgotten.
  • Lifts, wheels and tires. Wheels and tires can make a big difference on your car or truck and the same is true for your golf cart. Lift kits are also a popular option to give more clearance and improve the aesthetics of the vehicle.
  • Personalized features. Almost any features or options that you can add to your vehicle can also be added to your golf cart. Stereos, A/C, leather upholstery and many other options are available to stylize your cart.

Don’t settle for a plain golf cart. Make a statement with a customized cart that will be as unique as you are.

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