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5 Golf Cart Safety Tips

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Golf carts may be smaller in size and go slower than many motorized vehicles, but they still need to be driven with care. Injuries can happen when you do not follow the correct safety procedures when you are using a golf or utility cart for transportation. To ensure you have a safe ride, keep this five safety tips in mind before you get behind the wheel of your golf cart.

  1. Never stand while the golf cart is in motion. It only takes a slight bump to throw off your balance if you stand up in a moving golf cart. The driver and passengers should remain seated whenever the cart is in motion.
  2. Follow speed limits and recommendations. Although golf carts are not speedy vehicles, you should still adhere to the recommended speed limits. Going too fast can lead to tipping around corners or endanger pedestrians.
  3. Adhere to weight and passenger limits. Your golf cart has weight and passenger restrictions for a reason. Too much weight can impact the performance, especially when you need to turn or brake.
  4. Follow driving rules and regulations. Signaling, sober driving, seatbelts and eliminating distractions are all rules that need to be followed when driving a golf cart. If you are on the road, adhere to all the same laws and regulations for vehicles and drivers.
  5. Keep your golf cart maintained. Just like any vehicle, proper maintenance on your golf cart is important for safety. Make sure you have the tires and brakes inspected, and tune-ups performed as specified by the manufacturer.

Golf carts are an economical, eco-friendly form of transportation that can be safe when you follow these tips. Talk to your local golf cart service company to schedule ongoing maintenance and to get more tips on safety.

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5 Golf Cart Safety Rules to Follow

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You may not view driving a golf cart as a hazardous activity, but even these small vehicles can cause injury. Just like any vehicle, safety is a concern when driving a golf cart. Although they may not be large or fast, they can cause damage or injury if not driven carefully. Here are five safety rules to follow if you own a golf cart. 

  1. Do not overload. Your golf cart has weight restrictions – adhere to them. Carrying too many people or a heavy load can make it more likely to tip. It also puts undo stress on the engine and tires.
  2. Slow down. Although golf carts are not known for excessive speeds, going too fast on the wrong terrain can lead to trouble. It also increases the chance of injury or damage if you hit a person, animal or object.
  3. Stay up on maintenance. Your golf cart needs maintenance just like your car or truck. Stay up to date on tune-ups, brake inspections and other maintenance at your golf cart dealer to ensure safety and performance.
  4. Road driving. Do not attempt to drive your golf cart on main roads unless you have it equipped with a street legal kit. Without the proper equipment, this can be dangerous and illegal.
  5. Underage drivers. Be careful about allowing youngsters to drive your golf cart. It may seem like a fun toy to them, but it can be dangerous to them and others.

By following a few safety precautions, you can enjoy your golf cart without fear of injury or damage. Keep it well maintained and drive within the specifications for your golf cart to stay safe.

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Golf Cart Safety Tips

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As golf carts become increasingly popular forms of transportation, golf cart accidents have risen correspondingly.  Not only do more golf carts in use equal more golf cart accidents, but these days many golf carts can travel at significantly higher speeds than traditional golf carts found on golf courses around the country.

First, watch your speed when driving a golf cart.  You don’t have to drive the golf cart at top speed all the time.  Slow down when common sense says that the conditions warrant a slower speed.  You will have more time to react to the unexpected.  Also, just like any vehicle, it is easy to lose control of a golf cart traveling at high speed.

Don’t overload the vehicle by carrying more passengers than it was designed to carry.  The easy rule of thumb is there should be one seat for each passenger.  If your golf cart only has four seats, don’t carry more than four passengers.  Overloading a golf cart makes it difficult to control.  Both steering and braking are severely affected by an overloaded golf cart.

Keep your eyes on the road.  This should go without saying, but golf carts tend to be used in scenic areas and it is all too easy to get distracted.  A child, animal, or vehicle can jump out in front of you without warning.

Finally, be sure to keep your golf cart maintenance up to date by an experienced golf cart repair shop.  A well maintained golf cart is less likely to have blowout or other mechanical failure that could lead to an accident.

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