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Home Alarm Systems

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It is no secret that we don’t live in Mayberry. We must lock our cars and lock our homes up tight each night in order to keep out unwanted people. Home alarm systems are a popular way for people to protect their loved ones and their personal belongings from being stolen or damaged by those looking to break in and steal. Home security systems have been around for years, but with today’s advances in technology home security and alarm systems are more versatile than ever before. 

Quality home alarm systems are monitored by security companies. If something happens to set off an alarm, the home alarm monitoring company will contact the closest authorities in order to send help to the home. Home alarm systems can be used to detect strangers coming in, smoke detection, assisted living monitoring, nanny cameras, and more in order to protect the valuables inside the home. While it is true that people who have homes with an alarm system tend to set off the alarm themselves occasionally, security systems have been incredibly beneficial in providing help to people and families that are in trouble in their homes. 

There are different levels of security available with home alarm systems. Choosing one can be a big decision, but staying on budget and within the needed parameters of each family’s desires for protection can help to determine which level of security is appropriate. Each home alarm system can be customized to fit the lifestyle of each individual family. 

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How to Choose a Great Home Alarm Monitoring Company

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Home alarm systems are a great way to provide security and protection for your home and family.  Home alarm systems deter unwanted intruders and are an excellent tool to quickly summon the authorities in the event of a break-in or other emergency.

However, no matter how sophisticated your home alarm system is, it is only as good as the alarm monitoring company.   An alarm monitoring company with excellent service and support will enhance the level of protection provided by your home alarm system while a poor company will detract from it.  Therefore, you should choose your home alarm monitoring company carefully.

One common mistake made by many homeowners is to choose a residential home alarm service based solely on price.  While price is important and you don’t want to feel like you are getting ripped off, keep in mind that the cost of hiring employees and buying and maintaining top quality monitoring equipment and facilities are about the same for most home alarm monitoring companies.

Alarm monitoring companies that offer ultra low rates are cutting corners somewhere.  They may be relying on older, inferior monitoring equipment or paying their employees less than other companies and as a result they probably have a difficult time attracting and retaining high quality workers.  They may also overload their employees which means your alarm may not get the immediate attention that you need.

Look for a company with an excellent local reputation.  Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations and check online reviews.  Remember to read these reviews with some skepticism because you don’t know who posted them, but you can often get a consensus if there are more than just a few reviews.

See if the company has a local monitoring station or whether the monitoring is done from outside yoru area.  Finally, make sure your existing equipment is compatible with the alarm monitoring company.  Some monitoring companies only monitor their own equipment while others have the capability to monitor all types of home security systems.


Choosing a Home Alarm Monitoring Service

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Your choice of a home alarm monitoring service is a very important decision that should not be taken lightly.  Many people make the mistake of choosing a home alarm monitoring service based on price alone, but there are many considerations that are much more important than price.   No matter how inexpensive the monitoring service is, it’s not worth a dime if it does not provide the protection you need.

First, you should ensure that the monitoring service offers the type of monitoring you need.   Most monitoring services offer standard monitoring using a standard phone line, but not all offer cellular monitoring.  

Next, make sure that the monitoring service is UL approved.  There are no laws regulating monitoring services so independent organizations provide approvals or certifications that a monitoring service meets certain standards.  UL approval is one of the highest standards in the industry for alarm monitoring services.  Alarm monitoring services that are UL approved have to meet strict guidelines and undergo regular inspections to ensure they provide the highest quality of alarm monitoring.

Some alarm monitoring services have additional certifications such as the CSAA Five Diamond Certification.  To earn this certification, an alarm monitoring service has to meet additional standards beyond their UL approval.

Finally, check with the Better Business Bureau and online ratings websites to see if any complaints have been registered against the company.  Keep in mind that anyone can post a complaint, including an unscrupulous competitor or vindictive customer.  A few isolated complaints may not mean anything, but if you see a pattern of complaints or bad ratings, you may be better off with a different monitoring service.

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