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Railing Safety: When to Replace or Repair a Metal Stairwell Railing

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A loose railing on a stairway is a liability, especially on a commercial property. If you own a business with staircases, you need to be aware of the condition of your railings. A loose screw or a broken weld could make the railing unsafe, even cause injury. Don’t take the risk of a hurt employee or customer – here are some tips on how to ensure your metal railings are secure and safe on your commercial building.

Visual Inspection

First, take a close look at your stair railings. Look for rust, dents or any signs of wear. Check the joints – are all the screws in place? Does anything look off-kilter? Often you can see something is wrong with the railing if you look closely, giving you a chance to get it fixed before it causes problems.

The Wiggle Test

If a railing wiggles, it needs repair. It is that simple. Metal railings should be solid, no room for movement. Any wiggle room means there is a screw loose or a weld that is not secure. Check every section regularly, especially if you notice any visual concerns. If you can feel the railing give at all, it is time to consider repair or replacement for your metal railing.

When a railing needs repair, call your local metal fabricator that specializes in metal staircases. They can inspect your railings and offer a repair solution. Often the railings can be repaired and recoated without needing complete replacement. If they do need to be replaced, your metal fabricator can customize new railing for your staircases that will be secure and safe for use.

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Add Elegance To Your Home With Metal Railings

For many people, the word “elegant” isn’t always the first one to come to mind when they think of metal. However, custom made metal railings can be incredibly beautiful and add a certain elegance to decks, stairways and patios. Metal is extremely versatile when in the hands of a talented fabricator who can lend artistic design to what is one of the most durable materials available. 

Ideas For Metal Railings

There are many places where metal railings can be used both for functionality and design in your home. Also, when they’re custom crafted, these railings can reflect your personal tastes and compliment your existing home design and décor. Some ideas on where to add metal railings: 

  • Enclose your deck. Make your deck safer as well as more beautiful with a metal railing. Choose an eye-catching pattern such as leaves or flowers to have incorporated into the railing, or an element which complements your overall outdoor design scheme.
  • Stair railings. Add railings to your outdoor steps for safety or to interior stairs for beauty. Metal railings can be easily made for any size or shape of stairway, even spiral.
  • Room divider. A decorative metal railing can be a great way to divide a large room, separating without closing off the space. Railings can be ornate, as well as painted to match the existing design. 

Metal railings are not only versatile and elegant, they are easy to maintain and can last for decades. They are easy to clean and take care of, not needing to be polished or constantly stained. Even those used outdoors can be easily protected from rust with paint or other coatings. For your next home project, consider adding a beautiful metal railing to give your home a unique and custom look.

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