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Extend the Life of Your Metal Staircase

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Metal staircases are a wise investment for commercial properties, offering durability for heavy use. However, both indoor and outdoor metal stairs do wear out from exposure and heavy traffic. Avoid untimely replacement by restoring your metal staircase. A quick overhaul can add many years to the life of your staircase, protecting your investment.

Restoring Metal Staircases

Metal can withstand plenty of abuse from weather, chemicals and weight, but it will eventually corrode and weaken. Metal fatigue can occur in treads and support structures on your staircase; coatings can wear thin and expose the metal to rust and corrosion. Restoration can fix these issues and extend the life of your staircase.

Metal stair restoration starts with fixing structural issues. All elements of the staircase need to be inspected and repaired when needed. Treads that have worn thin from metal fatigue should be replaced. Railings that have become loose may need new welds to strengthen the structure. Once all the small issues have been addressed and repaired, you will need to add new protection to the surface.

Recoating the staircase can protect the metal and make your structure look like new again. Primer, coating and new paint can add the layers of protection needed to keep rust and corrosion at bay. Once completed, you can look forward to many more years of use before you need a complete staircase replacement.

For metal staircase restoration, only trust an experienced metal fabricator that specializes in commercial metal work. Considering the amount of use and abuse your staircases withstand, you want to ensure the best techniques and products are used in your restoration for long-lasting results.

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Restore or Repair? Deciding the Best Option for Your Commercial Staircase

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Do you have a metal staircase at your commercial building that is becoming an eyesore, or worse, a safety concern? Metal staircases are used in many commercial applications due to their durability, easy maintenance and longevity, but even metal can wear out when constantly exposed to the elements or under heavy use. If you have noticed rust, corrosion or weak spots on your staircase, it is time to fix the issue before it causes an injury. But do you need just a staircase restoration or a full replacement?

In many cases, metal staircases can be restored by a metal fabricator. It depends on the amount of repair that is needed. If there are only a few loose welds or rusted areas, it may be less expensive to have the staircase restored. First the staircase will need to be inspected. The metal fabricator can evaluate your staircase for signs of these common issues:

  • Metal fatigue
  • Rust
  • Failing welds
  • Loose railings
  • Corrosion
  • Worn protective coating

In many circumstances, the issues can be fixed without replacing the whole staircase. Replacing a few treads and re-welding loose areas can often fix the issue. Once the structural issues are fixed, covering the staircase with a new protective coating will make it look new and extended the life of the metal.

Of course, if there are too many repairs needed, it may time for a complete replacement. However, once your staircase is replaced with new, solid metal, it should last for decades if maintained. Call your local metal fabricator that specializes in metal staircase restorations and replacements to schedule your inspection.

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Has Winter Been Rough on Your Metal Stairs?

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One of the reasons many businesses choose metal stairs is due to their durability and longevity. However, even metal can corrode over time, especially in winter weather. Over the years, the protective coating used on most metal staircases can diminish and expose the metal underneath to rust and corrosion. If you have aging metal stairs, this winter may have been the final blast that compromised your staircase. Here are some signs that you need to repair or replace your stairs.

  • Holes in treads. Inspect the treads on your stairs. Many outdoor metal stairs have perforated treads to allow water to drain through. Often these small holes are the first to show signs of corrosion. Look for holes that have expanded or begun to rust – you may need to replace one or more treads.
  • Check railings. Another area that can become worn is the welds on your railings. Check your handrails to ensure they are not loosened or unstable. If they move, you may need your railings re-welded and reinforced.
  • Excessive rust. Even if your metal stairs seem sturdy, excessive rust covering the structure is a good reason to schedule restoration. Not only will the rust eventually compromise the structure, it is aesthetically unappealing. Restoration can make your stairs look like new again and restore the protective coating to extend the life of your stairs.

If you have multiple problems with your treads and railings, you may need a full stair replacement or restoration. Call your local welding fabricator that specializes in metal staircase installation and restoration to have your stairs inspected and get a quote for repair. It is worth the investment to extend the life of your stairs and prevent expensive injuries.

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Do Your Metal Stairs Need Restoration or Replacement?

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Metal stairs are extremely durable and can last for many years. However, eventually even heavy metal will begin to corrode, weaken or rust over time when it’s regularly exposed to moisture and other elements. If you own a building with metal stairs, you may have started to notice they’re are beginning to show the effects of time. While replacing an entire flight of stairs can be a large investment, it may be possible to restore your metal stairs, giving you many more years of use and saving you a substantial amount of money. 

Issues That Can Be Resolved Through Metal Stair Restoration

There are some times when metal stairs have deteriorated to the point where they need full replacement to be safe. In other cases, many metal stairs may only have surface damage, which can be repaired through professional restoration. For many business or commercial property owners, this can be an affordable solution to keeping their stairs safe and functional for many more years. Some issues that restoration may be able to fix include: 

–        Worn finishes or coatings

–        Surface rust

–        Weakened welds

–        Worn or fatigued metal components 

A professional metal stair restoration company can inspect your stairs to evaluate the extent of the damage. If your stairs are still viable, they can transform your old, corroded metal stairs back to a beautiful, functional staircase. Once the corroded or worn metal pieces are fixed or replaced, they can add a protective coating to keep these new improvements safe from the elements. Once restored, your stairs can look as good as new, with many more years of use ahead of them.

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Are Your Metal Stairs In Poor Repair?

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Metal stairways are an excellent investment for commercial properties, offering durability and longevity over many other stair material types. Still, even steel staircases will eventually deteriorate due to heavy use and exposure to moisture. Once steps, railings or stair braces become worn, they are a serious hazard and potential liability for property owners. Undergoing repair or restoration of problem areas can prevent the need for expensive replacement of metal staircases. 

Risks Associated With Old Metal Stairs

Although metal stairs used in commercial construction can last for decades, they will need repairs as wear, corrosion and impact take their toll. Over the years, treads can become thin and corroded, railings can become loose and the underlying structure can become weak. Once these problems start, they will only worsen over time, creating higher risks both those who use the stairs and to the property owner in the form of liability. Poor maintenance can cause: 

  • Trips and falls on corroded treads
  • Cuts and injuries from sharp edges
  • Falling hazards
  • Dangers related to staircase collapse 

Repair Or Restore?

If you are a property manager or own commercial property with metal staircases, maintaining these stairs is important to reduce liability risks. If you are able to perform regular maintenance, you can repair small issues before they become expensive problems. An experienced metal staircase fabricating and welding company can offer repairs for small issues, as well as restoring metal stairs which have been allowed to deteriorate beyond only small repairs. 

Taking care of minor metal stair repairs, or even larger restoration of metal stairs, can prevent major liability issues and legal costs. In addition, these repairs can extend the life of the stairs and delay the need for expensive complete replacement.

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Custom Metal Fabrication Craftsmen

While many people understand that metal fabrication companies fabricate steel stairs and railings, many people do not realize the other services that they provide.  These services include the repair and restoration of existing miscellaneous metal structures and products including, steel stairs and rails, as well as general welding services. 

In addition, there are a number of other products that the metal fabricator will fabricate and install including landings, metal platforms, ladders, lintels, bollards, canopies, awnings, trellises, storage racks, cages, cabinets, countertops, and various ornamental iron, aluminum and steel products.  In short, if it is made out of metal, then the metal fabricator’s craftsmen will be able to repair or build it. 

Craftsmen, working with steel and other metal products, use a variety of techniques to perform their craft, with many techniques being in use for centuries.  Although the basic techniques are centuries old, today’s custom  metal fabricators use a number of advanced technologies and tools to fabricate the products that they produce.   In addition, various advanced welding techniques are used to join metals together depending on the type of metal being used, with certified welders being used in most cases. 

Qualified metal fabricators will always use craftsmen, who are certified welders, to perform all welding tasks, as proper welding of metals is key the product being strong and meeting the design criteria.  Welder certification is based upon a series of theoretical and practical knowledge tests required in order to achieve certification.  In order for the finished product to be perfect, qualified craftsmen, who are also a certified welder, must perform the welds!

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