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Tired of Mosquitoes?

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Well, winter is finally over and before you know it summer will be here.  Most people find summer to be one of the most enjoyable seasons, as it allows one to enjoy many outdoor activities at home such as gardening, working on the house and enjoying family and friends over a barbeque or a party.  This is especially true later in the day as the sun starts to go down and is not quite as hot.  However the downside to this time of the day is the large number of mosquitoes and other insects that are out with you at this time of the day!  While very annoying, some insect bites can also result in diseases such as West Nile Virus and Encephalitis. 

One of the most cost effective methods to remove mosquitoes and other unwanted insects on an ongoing basis is to install a automated mosquito misting system around the property, which sprays a mist containing a natural insecticide called Pyrethrum.  This product, which is odorless, is considered to be environmentally friendly and is considered to have a low-toxicity to humans and pets.  However, it is highly effective in killing hundreds of types of insects including mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and no-see-ums. 

The insecticide is delivered thru a series of strategically placed spray nozzles, which are nearly invisible, located around the yard being covered.  The system is completely automatic with the Pyrethrum being released at regular intervals using an automated time clock, which also has a battery backup system.  Many people find these automated systems to be a very cost effective means to eliminate pesky insects from their summer outdoor activities!

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How Mosquito Misting Services Work

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The effectiveness of automatic misting systems is evident by the fact that professionals have been using them for over three (3) decades. Automatic misting systems allow you and your family to fully enjoy your home – both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, automatic insect misting systems eliminate mosquitoes without using harsh or toxic chemicals. 

This allows you, your family, and your guests to enjoy your patio area, pool, and other areas where you might choose to host parties, gatherings, or simply meals. After all, you should be able to socialize and engage in outdoor activities during the beautiful warm seasons without being terrorized by mosquitoes.

Pyrethrum – All Natural Mosquito Deterrent

Pyrethrum is a powerful all-natural insecticide grown in various parts of the world. 

Pest-control companies and professionals employ this in their automated misting systems to keep your home mosquito and insect free. This all-natural insecticide covers your entire outdoor area with a very fine mist. Typically, the mist is automatically sprayed two to three times each day – especially before sunrise (dawn) and sunset (dusk). The reason for spraying at these times is because mosquitoes are most active during these times – dawn and dusk.  

The mist falls onto your home’s yard, landscape, and foliage protecting you and your family from mosquitoes and other insects.

Professional Mosquito Control & Elimination

Homeowners are urged to contact a pest-control company to find out more about how automatic misting systems will work for them and their property. Most reputable pest-control companies will evaluate your property at no-charge. They’ll discuss with you the ideal installation for your property. They’ll also discuss other details necessary to design a system tailored to your needs, budget, and lifestyle.


Automated Misting Systems Explained

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An automated misting system, also known as a mosquito misting system, is a pest control solution whereby pesticide is automatically sprayed onto an insect-infested area through self-operating nozzles at specific times of the day. A typical automated misting system includes things like timers, spray nozzles, tubing, a control board, a remote control, and a pump. These systems allow homeowners and commercial property owners alike to eliminate or significantly reduce the population of irritating mosquitoes, flies, and other insect pests on their premises.

Types of automated misting systems

There are a wide range of automated misting systems currently available on the market. You can choose from battery-powered, motor-powered, and electric-powered models. You can also decide if you want a drum-based or tankless system. Some systems require fixed installation, while others are portable. The prices of these systems vary, ranging from $1,500 to $3,000.


Installing an automated misting system is usually a straightforward process that you can do yourself. There are also pest control companies that install these systems on commercial and residential proprieties.  Setting up the system involves placing the spray nozzles around the perimeter of your property and running the mist lines (tubing that supplies the mist formula to the nozzles) along fence lines or under eaves.


Automated misting systems have many benefits. They eliminate the grunt work of having to walk around a property and apply pesticide manually. They also make pesticide delivery more precise and consistent. Moreover, they require minimal maintenance. Most systems use a natural pesticide called pyrethrin. Pyrethrin is a highly effective pesticide that has low toxicity in human and mammals. This allows you to use your automated misting system safely without worrying about pollution and adverse effects to your family or employees.


Three Ways to Automate Your Yard

Posted in Insect Control

These days, we hear a lot of talk about home automation for the interior of the house, but what about the backyard? Back and front yards require a lot of maintenance to keep them presentable year–round and comfortable to be in. While some people enjoy do-it-yourself garden work, for many, convenient automated devices can take the grunt work out of backyard upkeep. Automation can also add a new level of comfort and efficiency to your backyard experience. Here are five ideas for automating your backyard.

1)      Automated pest control

Consider adding an automated misting system to curb annoying mosquitoes and other insect pests. With these systems, unobtrusive misting nozzles are placed around the perimeter of the yard. The nozzles are programmed to release controlled amounts of pesticide at intervals throughout the day.

2)      Automated water displays

A water fountain can be a soothing, magical feature of any yard, but if the level of water in the fountain is not carefully and consistently regulated, the fountain can go dry and end up being a receptacle for twigs and bird droppings.  Many people find it a hassle to remember to manually fill their fountain or turn on the fountain pump. With automated water displays, the system can be programmed so that the pump turns on and off by itself at specific times of the day. The pump can also be turned on via a switch or remote control.

3)      Automated backyard lighting

Outdoor lighting serves a number of functional, safety, and aesthetic purposes, from increasing visibility on decks, walkways, and patios, to illuminating dark corners of a yard, to highlighting attractive features like a pond or garden statue. Automated outdoor lighting control provides an easy way to control different lights in your yard depending on the mood you want to set, the time of night, or the conditions in your yard. These systems allow for instant scene control in your backyard with the flip of a switch or via dimmers. Lights can also be programmed to turn off or shine with less intensity throughout the course of the night.


Mosquito Control

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Consider this scenario – It’s a wonderful spring evening and you are entertaining friends and family on your outdoor patio, but just as the evening is getting started, the mosquitoes start swarming and drive everyone indoors.

If you want avoid ruined weekend get-together, you will need to know how to control mosquitoes in your yard and lawn.

First and foremost, eliminate breeding areas for mosquitoes. Water is the only breeding requirement for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes need stagnant water for laying their eggs so you need to find any pools of water and remove them. These can be anywhere that a small puddle of water can form including children’s play areas, birdbaths, and so on.

Remember following points to control mosquitoes in your lawn:

#1: Check your drainage system. See if there is any breakage or leakage and subsequently small puddles are formed close to leaking points. Repair the damaged points.

#2: Water can accumulate in garbage cans. Drill holes in the bottom of garbage containers so water does not accumulate.  Make sure the water has somewhere drain and doesn’t simply puddle under the garbage can.

#3: When you are going to be away from home for vacations or for work, make sure your pool is properly treated with chlorine.  Arrange for a pool service to keep the pool chlorinated or use an automatic chlorinator.

#4:  Check your yard for low areas that accumulate standing water.  Have your landscaper grade these areas or install french drains to keep your yard dry.

#5: Do not over water potted plants.  Remove old tires, cans, and other debris from the yard that can hold water.

Finally, consider installing an automated misting system to control mosquitoes.  These systems use safe, natural pesticides that are automatically released at timed intervals to kill mosquitoes and break the mosquito life cycle.


Some People Are Mosquito Magnets

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If you are one of those people who seem to spend your time at an outdoor barbeque swatting at mosquitos while others around you seem unfazed, you may be one of  the unlucky ten percent of the population that are highly attractive to mosquitos.  Mosquitos are attracted to carbon dioxide and lactic acid.  When we breathe we produce carbon dioxide and human perspiration contains lactic acid.

To some extent, mosquitos will be more attracted to people who are perspiring and breathing hard from physical exertion, larger people who naturally exhale more than smaller people, and pregnant women who also put out higher levels of carbon dioxide.

Beyond the carbon dioxide attraction, researchers have found that mosquitos are much more attracted to about one in ten people.  It is not clear yet exactly what it is that attracts mosquitos to these unfortunate few, but it likely has to do with their body chemistry which results in certain elements being found on their skin.  Mosquitos are known to be attracted to steroids and cholesterol found on the skin, and researchers believe that other elements will be identified that are highly attractive to mosquitos.

In addition, drinking as little as one twelve ounce can of beer increases the chances that a mosquito will single you out.  Again, scientists are not clear on why beer drinking attracts mosquitos but it may have to do with changes in slight changes in metabolism due to the alchohol.

Until scientists learn more, if you want to minimize your attraction to mosquitos, avoid outdoor exertion and beer drinking during the hours that mosquitos are most active which are around dusk and dawn.  Or just keep slathering yourself in DEET.


Mosquito Misting System Advantages

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Mosquitos are more than just a nuisance.  They can carry and transmit serious diseases such as West Nile virus, malaria, and encephalitis.  There have even been cases of dengue fever (also bone breaking disease because of the severe pain it causes in a victim’s bones and joints) that have been transmitted by mosquitos from infected people returning from the tropics to others here in the United States.  More commonly, mosquitos can quickly put an end to an evening of pleasant outdoor entertaining.

Mosquito control involves stopping mosquitos from breeding or killing adult mosquitos before they can reproduce.  Mosquitos need a source of standing water to breed.  By eliminating puddles of water in children’s toys, birdbaths, old tires, and other areas, mosquito reproduction can be significantly reduced.  However, even if you eliminate their breeding area from your yard, keeping mosquitos away from your yard can be a challenge because they can travel over a mile.

Mosquitos can sense carbon dioxide and lactic acid from as much as one hundred feet away.  That means the mosquitos in your neighbor’s yard will quickly sense the presence of your guests when you are entertaining outdoors and will zero in on them.

A great way to eliminate these pests is to have a mosquito misting system installed around your yard.  These systems work like a small sprinkler system.  They are set on timers to dispense a mist of mosquito killing chemicals at set intervals.  Most automated misting systems use pyrethrum which is toxic to mosquitos, but harmless to mammals in low doses.

Mosquito misting systems kill mosquitos on contact and create a barrier around your yard that keeps mosquitos away.  They are fully automatic so you don’t have to think about it. Since they work on timers, they not only kill adult mosquitos, but they break the life cycle of mosquitos by killing adults before they can breed.  Mosquito misting systems are safe, convenient and effective.

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