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Create A Pest-Free Yard For Your Family

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There is nothing better than relaxing in your yard with your family and friends. Some of the best memories can be those times right at home, with your loved ones out enjoying the sun while food is cooking on the grill. Unfortunately, these good times can be ruined when pests take over your yard and begin to make a meal out of your guests as well as putting everyone’s health at risk. Protect these precious memories and your family’s health by creating a pest-free yard with an automated pest control system. 

Benefits Of An Automated Pest Control System

Bug sprays, zappers and other pest control systems only focus on one or a few pests that can invade your backyard. For a truly pest-free yard, the best solution is an automated misting system that targets over a hundred different types of bugs consistently, and is safe for your family and pets. Some of the other benefits of an automated pest control system include:

  • Killing biting pests – Stop mosquitoes, biting flies, ticks, bees and fleas from biting your family, guests and pets. Not only are biting bugs annoying, they can carry dangerous diseases.
  • Safe insecticide – Choose a system that uses pyrethrum, an insecticide that kills most types of insects yet is safe for humans, pets and other mammals.
  • Automated mist – These reliable systems mist your yard on an automated schedule, keeping pests at bay around the clock. 

Keep those bugs away and create a safe, comfortable pest-free yard with the use of an automated pest control system. You can finally relax and enjoy time in your yard with your family and friends without all those uninvited pests! Call an experienced installation professional to discuss the best automated pest control system for your property.

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Important Precautions to Combat Mosquitoes

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It’s important for homeowners to eliminate and prevent mosquitoes from being around their property. While summer is a season plagued by mosquitoes, warmer climates such as those found in Georgia can allow mosquitoes to cause problems for you during other seasons as well. However, by taking preventative steps to eliminate mosquitoes from breeding around your property, you’ll spare you and your family from mosquito bites.

Mosquito bites are not just itchy and painful; they are also well known for spreading diseases to humans. Last year was perhaps one of the deadliest years ever in the United States for the West Nile virus – a mosquito-borne arbovirus.  As a result, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) strongly recommended that people take precautions to avoid becoming infected with the virus and to prevent another outbreak of the West Nile virus.

Here are a few precautionary measures and tips that you can take to combat mosquitoes:

#1 Get rid of any places with standing water that is on your property or around your home. This includes any area or object that collects water, such as:

  • Flowerpots
  • Baby pools
  • Birdbaths
  • Grill covers

Mosquitoes don’t need much water to breed. About one-half (½) of an inch of water is the perfect breeding ground for them.

#2 Make sure that your doors and windows all have screens. It’s important to fix even the most minor holes and tears in any of your home’s screens.

#3 Try to avoid being active outdoors between dusk (sunset) and dawn (sunrise). This is the time mosquitoes are extremely active. 

#4 Wear long-sleeve shirts, long pants, and long socks if you’re going to be outside between sunset and sunrise. Remember, this is the period of peak mosquito activity. Furthermore, avoid wearing:

  • Open-toe shoes
  • Clothing with floral prints
  • Dark-colored  clothing
  • Loose clothing and garments
  • Colognes, perfumes, and fragrances with sweet-smells

Homeowners with mosquito concerns are encouraged to contact a local pest-control company for further assistance and alternatives to eliminate mosquitoes.


Are Mosquito Misting Systems Safe?

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A sure way to keep mosquitoes and other pests from ruining your backyard summer parties is to install a automated misting system. Placed in strategic but hidden locations throughout your yard, such a system will periodically spray chemicals into the area, killing the unwanted pests. 

Most mosquito misters use pyrethrum, an insect killing chemical derived from chrysanthemum flowers. Pyrethrum is harmless to humans and animals in small quantities, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, but can be fatal to fish and beneficial insects like honeybees since it is fatal to all insects. 

The EPA does not regulate misting systems, but does regulate pesticides including pyrethrum. For home use, it recommends the following: 

  • Read all chemical labels carefully and adhere to guidelines regarding use and strength.
  • Set the timing device on your misting system to times when pets and children are less active, say, at night or in the early morning. This is also a time when mosquitoes are likely to be active.
  • Make sure mister is less than 10 feet high to reduce the chance of chemicals drifting into neighbors’ yards.
  • Make sure nozzles are directed at targeted area and away from eating areas, pools, fish ponds and air conditioner vents.
  • Make sure the system is child and pet proofed so there are no accidents.
  • Turn off and disconnect the system when not in use for extended periods of time.
  • In case of a leak, turn off your misting system and call your mosquito installation company immediately for an inspection. 

Following these general rules, according to the EPA, will help ensure your backyard is not only pest free, but safe for people, pets and the environment.


Just Say, “Pyrethrum”

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Nothing spoils a summer cookout faster than mosquitoes swarming around guests, making them slap their necks and start to scratch. For that matter, nothing spoils a good night’s sleep in summer than a mosquito you can’t see, buzzing loudly around your head. All night. 

Early in the season, when the pesky critters start to show up, you say to yourself, “These blasted things have got to go!” And who do you call? Why, your local neighborhood mosquito control company, that’s who. And when you do call, the voice at the other end of the line is likely to mention pyrethrum, or pyrethrins. 


Strictly defined, pyrethrum is an extract of the flower head of a type of chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium. The active ingredients within the pyrethrum, the ingredients with insecticidal qualities, are called pyrethrins. 

Pyrethrins are a natural, organic form of pest control, offering a great alternative to harmful pesticides and man made chemicals. They work by attacking the central nervous system of insects such as mosquitoes, killing them and rendering them unable to bite humans. 

Pyrethrins have been used as a pesticide for more than 150 years, so they have been widely tested for safety and toxicity. Pyrethrins do not last long in the environment; they break down quickly in UV light and warm temperatures. In small amounts, they also won’t harm most plants or most animals, including birds and family pets or farm animals.

But there is some criticism of this natural pesticide. For one, pyrethrins are considered toxic to fish, so ponds and lakes should be avoided. Some organic gardeners also maintain that pyrethrins kill off not just mosquitoes, but may harm some beneficial insects as well.


How to Keep Your Yard Free of Mosquitos

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When most people think of controlling the mosquitoes in their yard, they usually think of individual spray cans, hand held foggers. If considering a professional, they probably think of a periodic spraying of all their foliage. But, today’s pest control company may have the ability to design and engineer an insect spray system equipped with automatic timers. In addition to being automatic, today’s spray systems can come with override features for periodic “misting” as per the owner’s perceived need. Because an automated misting system is cyclically structured and continued on an ongoing basis, it is truly the best defense against mosquitoes and other unwanted insects.

Most spray systems come in various sizes to meet the individual needs of your outdoor space. Some systems contain back-up battery timers in the event of a power failure. Remote controls can also be an advantage for overriding the preset cycles with occasional misting. Generally, much like lawn irrigation systems, automated mosquito control systems are comprised of components (such as stainless steel) that are less prone to wear from prolonged weather exposure; thus, preserving the system from the elements.  Further care is taken to ensure values that don’t drip (due to the sensitive nature of insecticide), as well as appropriately angled spray nozzles, and shut off values. The flow rate of the automated mosquito spray is precisely controlled.

You should expect a two-year warranty on all parts and labor. Some companies may even offer a 100%  money-back guarantee if you are  not satisfied with their system. Automated mosquito control systems are definitely designed with the consumer in mind because they are dependable and reliable with ease of operation. Call your local pest control company today and get back out into your yard to enjoy summer!


Safe and Reliable Mosquito Control

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Yes, there are actually companies that specialize in mosquito control! Today, you can have a custom designed insect control system installed and maintained at your home or business that is automatic. These automated misting systems will help to eliminate hundreds of types of biting insects including mosquitoes, while using the safest and most effective insecticide available.

Spring and summer are on their way. Which means, now is the time that you, your family, and friends will want to begin enjoying the great outdoors without swatting or slapping away nature’s most irritating pests. You don’t have to worry about what bugs may be biting you or your children while out in your yard. You can obtain the pleasure you expect from your yard, deck or pool without the need for smelly, sticky or greasy insect repellant. No longer do you need to remember your outdoor fun with itching and scratching,

Most systems today will not harm humans or pets because they use natural, fast acting insecticides, specifically designed to be lethal to insects but safe for you and other mammals.  Furthermore, installing a mosquito control system is more cost effective than screening in your back porch. Screening in your porch or patio will cost much more that keeping mosquitoes effectively out of your entire yard with a mosquito control system.

Make sure that your local mosquito control company offers an extended guarantee. With the right materials and experienced technicians, you should be able to count on your system to  provide you with reliable service for years.  Don’t let bugs and pests control your summer yard enjoyment; call your local mosquito control company for a bug free yard.


Three Ways to Automate Your Yard

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These days, we hear a lot of talk about home automation for the interior of the house, but what about the backyard? Back and front yards require a lot of maintenance to keep them presentable year–round and comfortable to be in. While some people enjoy do-it-yourself garden work, for many, convenient automated devices can take the grunt work out of backyard upkeep. Automation can also add a new level of comfort and efficiency to your backyard experience. Here are five ideas for automating your backyard.

1)      Automated pest control

Consider adding an automated misting system to curb annoying mosquitoes and other insect pests. With these systems, unobtrusive misting nozzles are placed around the perimeter of the yard. The nozzles are programmed to release controlled amounts of pesticide at intervals throughout the day.

2)      Automated water displays

A water fountain can be a soothing, magical feature of any yard, but if the level of water in the fountain is not carefully and consistently regulated, the fountain can go dry and end up being a receptacle for twigs and bird droppings.  Many people find it a hassle to remember to manually fill their fountain or turn on the fountain pump. With automated water displays, the system can be programmed so that the pump turns on and off by itself at specific times of the day. The pump can also be turned on via a switch or remote control.

3)      Automated backyard lighting

Outdoor lighting serves a number of functional, safety, and aesthetic purposes, from increasing visibility on decks, walkways, and patios, to illuminating dark corners of a yard, to highlighting attractive features like a pond or garden statue. Automated outdoor lighting control provides an easy way to control different lights in your yard depending on the mood you want to set, the time of night, or the conditions in your yard. These systems allow for instant scene control in your backyard with the flip of a switch or via dimmers. Lights can also be programmed to turn off or shine with less intensity throughout the course of the night.


Automated Misting Systems Help Eliminate Garden Pests

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There are few things more satisfying than a healthy, thriving garden or yard. From holding outdoor events, to sunbathing on a lawn chair, a peaceful, attractive yard is a great asset and one that should not be taken for granted. That is why the first sign of outdoor pests in a garden or yard is always cause for concern.

Insect pests such as aphids and ladybugs can propagate quickly, damaging foliage, and reversing months of garden maintenance in no time at all. Flying and biting insects like mosquitoes and bees are a nuisance and can cause serious allergic reactions in some people, while insects like stink bugs will enter homes through door cracks and windows bringing their unpleasant odor with them. Without prompt and effective action, insect pests can significantly reduce the quality of your home life and cost you a fine penny in the long-run.

Automated misting systems are a smart, cost-effective solution for dealing with bug infestations.  Automated misting systems work by automatically spraying a precise dose of pesticide on garden lawns and shrubs at regular intervals. The units work in any weather and can be used with both synthetic and natural pesticides. They are easy to install and are equally well-suited for residential and commercial landscapes. Misting nozzles are placed in strategic locations on the property and blend in perfectly with the landscape, while the inconspicuous supply lines are run along fences or eaves, or buried in the ground along the perimeter of the grounds.

Automated misting systems eliminate the need for time-consuming manual applications of pesticide. Most systems also come with a remote control so that the spray nozzles can be activated at any time. Some misting units have sensors that respond to sunlight and others adjust the misting action depending on wind conditions. Automated misting systems have a long operating life and are easy to maintain. The misting nozzles need to be cleaned periodically with a cleaning solution, but otherwise, these convenient, user-friendly devices really do take the “pest” out of pest control.


Mosquito Misting System Advantages

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Mosquitos are more than just a nuisance.  They can carry and transmit serious diseases such as West Nile virus, malaria, and encephalitis.  There have even been cases of dengue fever (also bone breaking disease because of the severe pain it causes in a victim’s bones and joints) that have been transmitted by mosquitos from infected people returning from the tropics to others here in the United States.  More commonly, mosquitos can quickly put an end to an evening of pleasant outdoor entertaining.

Mosquito control involves stopping mosquitos from breeding or killing adult mosquitos before they can reproduce.  Mosquitos need a source of standing water to breed.  By eliminating puddles of water in children’s toys, birdbaths, old tires, and other areas, mosquito reproduction can be significantly reduced.  However, even if you eliminate their breeding area from your yard, keeping mosquitos away from your yard can be a challenge because they can travel over a mile.

Mosquitos can sense carbon dioxide and lactic acid from as much as one hundred feet away.  That means the mosquitos in your neighbor’s yard will quickly sense the presence of your guests when you are entertaining outdoors and will zero in on them.

A great way to eliminate these pests is to have a mosquito misting system installed around your yard.  These systems work like a small sprinkler system.  They are set on timers to dispense a mist of mosquito killing chemicals at set intervals.  Most automated misting systems use pyrethrum which is toxic to mosquitos, but harmless to mammals in low doses.

Mosquito misting systems kill mosquitos on contact and create a barrier around your yard that keeps mosquitos away.  They are fully automatic so you don’t have to think about it. Since they work on timers, they not only kill adult mosquitos, but they break the life cycle of mosquitos by killing adults before they can breed.  Mosquito misting systems are safe, convenient and effective.


Mosquito Misting Systems

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With spring approaching quickly, now is the ideal time to finally do something about those annoying mosquitoes that have been plaguing your yard.  Spring and summer are great times for backyard entertaining and recreation, but persistent, biting mosquitoes can ruin all the fun.  You can use all the citronella candles you want, listen to your bug zapper all night, or waste money on useless ultrasonic mosquito killers, but if you really want a mosquito free backyard, you need to consider installing an automated mosquito misting system.

Mosquitoes can be very had to control.  You can spray an insecticide around your backyard and kill the mosquitoes, but they will soon migrate back into your yard from surrounding areas.  Also, they are constantly reproducing so unless you break the life cycle, new mosquitoes are continuously being hatched.

These systems control mosquitoes by spraying a small amount of insecticide around your yard at intervals throughout the day and evening.  Unobtrusive pray nozzles are installed around your yard and home.  The spray nozzles are connected to a tank of insecticide through pipes hidden underground.  Timers control the misting schedule so you don’t have to worry about it. 

These systems typically use pyrethrum which is one of the most effective insecticides known for use against mosquitoes.  Pyrethrum is a natural insecticide made from chrysanthemums.  When used according to the label instructions, pyrethrum has low toxicity to humans, pets and other mammals.

Pyrethrum also breaks down quickly in sunlight so concerns about residual exposure are minimized.  When you are ready for effective mosquito control, call an Alpharetta GA mosquito control specialist and ask about installation of a mosquito misting system for your home.

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