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5 Creative Uses for Golf Carts

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Golf carts are not just for a day out on the course. These personal transportation vehicles can be used in a variety of ways, making life easier and more convenient. Most golf carts can be easily loaded to go anywhere you travel, making them wonderful for use at home and on the go. Here are five creative uses for your golf cart beyond a few rounds on the course.

  1. Camping. Want an easy way to travel around the campground? Bring along your golf cart so those with bad knees or limited mobility can quickly travel to the showers, water or camp store.
  2. Shooting events. Heading to the sporting clays course? A golf cart can make it easier to travel from each station and give your legs a break.
  3. Beach buggy. Many accommodations at the beach are still a good distance from the beach. Make it quick and easy to get to the beach by bringing along your golf cart for personal transportation.
  4. Neighborhood ride. Upgrade your golf cart with a street legal kit for residential street use. Golf carts can be an economical option for quick trips around the neighborhood.
  5. Special events. If you avoid going to some special events due to the amount of walking required, a golf cart can be a way to enjoy these occasions. Bring your golf cart to destination weddings and other events to give you the option to stay off your feet.

There are many ways to use a golf cart, especially for those who have a disability or mobility issues. These personal transportation vehicles can be a wise investment and improve your quality of life.

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How Would You Use a Bad Boy Buggy?

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Golf and utility carts have become the ultimate personal transportation vehicles for work and play, both on and off the golf course. It’s only natural that a company would expand this popularity by evolving these carts into rugged vehicles capable of going farther, faster and hauling more than their predecessors. Bad Boy Buggies are those vehicles, offering an entire line of golf cart-inspired vehicles for the sportsman, farmer and outdoor lover.

Utility Carts with Attitude

Bad Boy Buggies are made for those who need a high powered cart able to take a little more abuse than your average golf or utility cart. Many models come with 4-wheel drive, hauling ability and even towing capacity. Some of the popular models include:

–          Instinct. The Bad Boy Instinct is a 2WD electric cart that can drive up to 50 miles between charges, perfect for a day outdoors. Instinct comes equipped with brush guards, 4-wheel disc brakes and a 72-Volt AC drivetrain.

–          Ambush iS. Want the power and distance of a gas motor with the stealth of electric? The Ambush iS gives you the option of using either gas or electric, with a max load of 900 lbs.

–          Recoil iS. Bad Boy offers several options on the Recoil iS model. One is the Crew, which has 4WD, 72-Volt AC electric drivetrain and up to 40 miles between charges.

There are many other varieties of Bad Boy Buggies, all designed to make the work day easier or the play day more fun. Check out the full line at your local Bad Boy Buggies retailer for more information.

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