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5 Advantages of Pavers Over Concrete

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Whether you are installing a new driveway, patio, pool deck or sidewalk, there are two common paving options to choose from: pavers or concrete. Concrete is the cheaper option in most cases, but that does not mean it should be an automatic choice. While both will give you a stable surface, there are advantages to using pavers, including these five.

  1. Pavers come in a variety of materials and design options that can create a beautiful surface. Circles, geometric designs and herringbone patterns are just some of the possibilities.
  2. Maintenance. Pavers are simple to maintain, requiring very little cleaning, sealing or other care to keep them looking great. Concrete can crack, need sealing or stain easily, requiring more maintenance and repair.
  3. Repair. Cracks, chips or stains are much easier to repair when you have a paver surface versus concrete. A single paver can be replaced without needing to repair the entire surface. Pavers often need fewer repairs than concrete as they are not a solid surface that can crack under pressure.
  4. Drainage. Pavers can offer better drainage than concrete that may allow water to settle on the surface. This is especially important for pool decks and driveways.
  5. While concrete may be less expensive, pavers can add more value to your home. A paver driveway, patio or pool deck is an upscale option that can enhance the value of your home.

If you have a new paved surface on your wish list, consider the advantages of using pavers. Whether you choose brick, natural stone or concrete pavers, it can be an excellent investment in your home. Make sure to use an experienced paving contractor to complete your project for the best results.

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What Are Travertine Pavers?

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If you have been considering using pavers for a new driveway, pool deck or patio, there is a good chance you have come across travertine pavers in your research. Travertine has become one of the most popular paving materials for outdoor projects, especially in warm regions such as the southeastern portion of the U.S. So what is travertine and why is it so prevalent in paving? Here are some facts about travertine pavers.

  • Often called travertine marble, travertine is not a marble at all, but instead a type of limestone. It is found in many different areas around the world, including most notably from Italy, as well as Turkey, Mexico and here in the U.S.
  • Travertine comes in a wide range of colors from pink and coral to dark tan and white. It can be tumbled and porous or polished and shiny, making it versatile and great for many uses.
  • Travertine is highly durable and is easy to maintain in outdoor paving structures. It is also fade resistant and easy to repair.
  •  Pavers can be cut in a variety of sizes and shapes, plus its natural beauty makes it wonderful for creating unique designs for patios and driveways.
  • One of the elements that makes travertine ideal for patios and pool decks is its cool exterior. Unlike bricks or cement that are hot to bare feet in the summer, travertine stays cool.

This durable, beautiful stone is one of the preferred natural stones that works well for most outdoor paving projects. If you are planning on using pavers for a new project, ask your local paving company about the option of travertine pavers.

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5 Reasons to Use Pavers for Your New Driveway

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Are you planning on paving your driveway and can’t decide whether to use concrete, asphalt or pavers? Although all three will give a smooth surface without the inconvenience of a gravel driveway, pavers are the ideal surface for driveways for several reasons. Take into consideration these five reasons to invest in a paver driveway for your home.

  1. Curb appeal. By far, the most beautiful surface for your driveway can be accomplished using pavers. There are a wide variety of colors and designs you can create, adding pizazz to your home’s curb appeal with a uniqueness you won’t find with concrete or asphalt.
  2. Value. Although pavers may be a higher initial investment than asphalt or concrete, they also add value to your home. The classic style of travertine, brick or tumbled marble pavers can increase the worth of your home.
  3. Easy maintenance. Pavers are easy to clean and maintain without needing sealcoat reapplied like asphalt or some concrete driveways.
  4. Simple to repair. Over the years, all driveways will eventually need repairs. Whether a tree root grows under the drive or erosion causes issues, paver driveways are simple and affordable to repair since only the pavers affected need to be replaced.
  5. Matching your home. No other paving material gives you the versatility of pavers. You have the ability to match the color and style of your home, adding to the ambiance and aesthetic value.

There are endless options when it comes to designing a paver driveway, making your path to your home a work of art. Talk to your local paver contractor to find the best paver options for your new driveway.

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Spring Maintenance for Your Paver Driveway

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One of the benefits of owning a paver driveway is the low maintenance required in comparison to other material options. However, this does not mean these driveways are maintenance-free. To keep your paver driveway looking beautiful for many years to come, you need to protect it from water erosion and weed infestation with some annual maintenance. Spring is the perfect time to bring back the beauty of your pavers with a little cleaning and repair.

Cleaning, Sealing and Repair

The three phases of your spring paver cleaning should start with cleaning and end with sealing, if appropriate. Most pavers can be cleaned with the use of a pressure washer or by using a common water hose with a long-handled scrub brush. Remove any stains or mildew that have accumulated on the pavers over the year; for tough stains, use a mild detergent with the scrub brush.

Once the pavers are clean and dry, remove any weeds that are trying to grab hold between pavers or along the edge of the driveway. Plants roots can destroy pavers over time, so keeping grass and other weeds at bay is crucial. While cleaning and weeding, keep an eye out for any pavers that are cracked or chipped; these should be removed and replaced before sealing.

Finally, consider sealing your paver driveway to keep it protect from water erosion and make it easier to clean in the future. Sealing should be done every 2-3 years to maintain your driveway. For both repairs and sealing, consider using a local paver professional service. With the right equipment and experience, they can ensure that your driveway will look like new for the summer ahead.

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Add Curb Appeal With A Paver Driveway

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Your driveway is one of the first things people see when they approach your home, making it the perfect place to add to your home’s curb appeal! Paver driveways add a classic look that can be tailored to your homes exterior design and add a touch of class to any home. In addition, they are functional, low maintenance and are easier to repair than many other types of driveway surfaces. 

Be Creative With Your Paver Driveway

Paver driveways can be designed with a variety of different types of materials, colors and patterns, making them perfect for creating a unique look to the exterior of your home. You can choose the size, shape, color and type of paver you want to use, along with how they will be placed. Some of the options you can choose from include: 

  • Natural pavers – If you want a natural stone for your driveway, consider tumbled marble or travertine pavers.
  • Formed pavers – For homeowners with specific shapes and colors in mind, concrete or clay pavers are and ideal solution. These versatile pavers allow for more creative freedom and greater customization.
  • Artistic design – From classic patterns to detailed geometric designs and even pictures or letters, your paver driveway can reflect your artistic vision. Work with a local contractor to make your vision come to life. 

A paver driveway is an investment in your home, both to add to the curb appeal and as a functional feature. To ensure it’s done right and will last for many years to come, hiring an experienced contractor that specializes in paver driveways is prudent. With the right installation and proper maintenance, your paver driveway will last for decades, and add to the beauty and value of your home.

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