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Specialty Room Ideas for the Home

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Do you have an unused or neglected room in your house that you don’t know what to do with? Special-function rooms can be a great way to get the most out of the extra space. Specialty rooms not only make fun remodeling projects, they are also a way of personalizing your home to suit your lifestyle and habits. Here are two specialty room ideas to consider.

1)      Powder room

A powder room is the perfect remodeling project for a small-sized room. A powder room is a guest bathroom with a toilet and washbasin only. Other optional appointments for a powder room include storage features and a vanity set. When it comes to powder room design, there are practically no rules. Indeed, because powder rooms are small rooms, they are the ideal space to focus on aesthetics. Pick a theme; choose décor, accents, and accessories accordingly; and use multi-layer lighting (ambient, task, and accent lighting) to enhance the atmosphere of your powder room.

2)      Home office

A home office is a great solution if you telecommute, run a home-based business, or relish the idea of having a dedicated space for taking care of household administration tasks. The secret to designing a great home office is to create a space that is not only comfortable and inviting, but also tailored to your personality and working style. Let go of boring assumptions of what an office should look like and instead, choose warm colors, and furniture and accessories (rugs, lamps etc.) that are both beautiful and functional. Decorate your home office with display objects that inspire your creativity, or that have personal significance for your career. You will likely be spending extended amounts of time in your home office, so incorporate features that help boost your productivity over long hours, such as a stocked mini-fridge and a comfortable futon or chaise lounge to recline on during breaks.


Features of a Powder Room

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The powder room, or half-bath, is becoming a more and more popular feature of modern homes. These stylish compartments exude hospitality, providing house guests with a convenient, well-appointed washroom close to the main entertaining area.

If you are thinking of adding a powder room to your home, then you will need to know the basics of powder room design. Although there is always room for embellishments that reflect your personal style, below are the standard features of a powder room.

1)      Commode

‘Commode’ is simply another name for the toilet fixture. Powder rooms always have a toilet so that guests can relieve themselves in a room separate from the family bathroom. This allows homeowners to keep the family bathroom private. Because powder rooms are typically small, a low profile toilet or round, small tank toilet can make more sense in a powder room rather than a larger, oval toilet bowl.

2)      Vanity

The term ‘vanity’ refers to a bathroom unit consisting of a sink or washbasin set into a countertop which rests on a stand or cabinet beneath. In the later case, the term ‘vanity cabinet’ may be used. Sometimes the term ‘vanity base cabinet’ is used to distinguish a vanity cabinet that houses a sink basin from ‘vanity wall cabinet’, a bathroom storage unit not meant to house a sink. Vanity cabinets are useful because they provide space in an otherwise small room to store things like tissues, toilet paper, towels etc. Vanities can also serve the function of concealing plumbing pipes.

With powder room vanities, sink type can vary widely, from raised vessel sinks to oblong or oval undermount sinks. While the vanity is a feature found in most powder rooms, because space is often limited in a powder room, the vanity may be omitted altogether in favor of something more compact like a pedestal sink or a wall mounted sink.

3)      Mirror

A wall mirror is an essential part of any smart powder room design. A mirror placed flush against the wall (powder rooms typically do not have medicine cabinets) over the sink will go a long way when guests want to tidy up. Mirrors also make a room seem bigger which is particularly appropriate in small-sized powder rooms.

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