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What Types of Siding can be Pressure Washed?

Is your home or business looking drab or dirty? Exposure to the elements can stain your siding or leave dust, debris or mildew on the surface. One of the quickest ways to restore the exterior of your building is with pressure washing. However, you may be worried that it could damage your siding. The good news is that pressure washing can be used to clean most building exterior surfaces, if it is done correctly.

Pressure washing can be used to clean almost any siding. Some of the types that are easily cleaned with pressure washing include:

  • Brick
  • Vinyl siding
  • Stucco
  • Dryvit
  • Shingles

In one day, your home or business can look new again when the dirt and mildew is removed from the exterior. However, pressure washing your siding and exterior surfaces requires expertise. Using the wrong method could cause expensive damage to your structure. 

Pressure Washing Siding and Exterior Surfaces

If you need your home or business’ exterior cleaned, hire a professional pressure washing service. Improper pressure or technique can damage your siding, brick, shingles or stucco. You want to have your surface cleaned with low pressure that effectively removes mildew and dirt, while not damaging the surface. Plus, you want to ensure that the company you choose uses eco-friendly cleaners that will not harm your plants and landscaping.

You can make your home or business sparkle again in one day. Talk to your local pressure washing service about cleaning your siding to make your building look like new again. Experienced professionals can clean almost any type of siding without damaging the surface, helping you maintain and protect your investment.

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Can Pressure Washing Harm My Siding or Deck?

When your siding is streaked with mildew or your wood deck is looking old and gray, a cleaning is in order. The most common way to clean these large outdoor surfaces is with pressure washing. While this method can have excellent results, it can also have risks. If done incorrectly, you could damage your siding or decking, which can be a very expensive mistake. How do you clean your deck and siding without harming these surfaces?

Low-Pressure Washing

The problem with home pressure washers is they may not have enough variance in pressure. Some models may only have two settings, giving you very little control over the amount of pressure. While this is not an issue with paved surfaces, it could be a problem when cleaning siding and decking, especially wood varieties. High pressure can splinter and damage wood decks; it can also damage wood shingles or other types of siding. Also, high pressure can strip stain and paint, not just remove the dirt, mildew and stains.

Low-pressure washing is the safest for removing grime from your wood and vulnerable surfaces without harming the material. Getting just enough pressure to remove dirt and mildew, without affecting paint or digging into the siding or deck takes experience and training, plus the right equipment. For these types of projects, it is best to hire a professional pressure washing company that offers low-pressure options and has the expertise to clean without damaging your siding or deck.

Pressure washing can make your deck and home look like new again, but you want to make sure the right method is used. Hire a low-pressure washing service to get the best results.

Posted on behalf of:
JB Power Clean
Sherrills Ford, NC 28673
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