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Is it Safe to Pressure Wash Vinyl Siding?

One of the reasons vinyl siding is so popular is that it is easy to maintain. It doesn’t need to be stained or painted every few years; the vinyl is the same color all the way through the siding, so it won’t chip or flake. However, even though vinyl doesn’t need to be painted, it does need to be cleaned. Pressure washing is an ideal way to clean vinyl siding, but you need to know how to do it correctly to protect your home from damage. Here are a few tips:

  • Use soap, then rinse. A mild cleaner can help remove mildew or dirt from the siding. Make sure to use a cleaner that is safe for cleaning vinyl, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Don’t spray too closely. While vinyl siding can withstand pressure washing, full pressure at a close range can damage the siding instead of cleaning it. Step back a few feet to dissipate the extreme pressure to avoid damage.
  • Spray downwards. You don’t want to spray up under the lapped siding. Instead, spray downward to avoid loosening the siding.
  • Avoid fixtures. Eaves, light fixtures, vents and other accents on the house should be avoided. The high pressure could damage these fixtures.
  • Avoid windows. You need to be careful around windows. High pressured water can damage the trim around windows or even break the glass.

If you are concerned about safely pressure washing your vinyl siding, leave it to the professionals. Hiring a professional residential pressure washing company to clean your siding ensures it will be done correctly without damaging other exterior surfaces on your home. While they are there, you can have your roof, driveway, patio or other surfaces around your home cleaned as well.

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Does Your Home Exterior Need Cleaning?

You wash your car, your dog and even your lawn mower, but when was the last time you washed your home? Pollen, mildew, dirt and grime can collect on the exterior surfaces of your home, making it look rundown and decrepit. If allowed to remain on your home, substances like mildew can even stain or damage the surface of your home. What you need is a professional pressure washing service.

Why Hire a Professional for Pressure Washing Your Home?

You may be thinking you could save money by pressure washing your home yourself. After all, you can rent a pressure washer even if you don’t own one – how hard could it be? However, there are some good reasons to leave pressure washing the exterior of your home to the professionals. Here are a few of those reasons:

  • Damage to your siding. Many home sidings can be damaged by the force of high pressure water if you are not careful. Surfaces like stucco are delicate and by trying to save a few bucks doing it yourself, you could do thousands of dollars in damage.
  • Safety. If you have a two-story home, cleaning your entire exterior will require climbing on ladders while managing to hold onto a pressure washer. Don’t risk injury; let the insured experts do this dangerous work.
  • Water run-off. Some cities have laws about collecting gray water run-off; don’t get in trouble with the law just because you didn’t want to hire a professional.

Cleaning the exterior of your home can make it look new again and protect it from damage. Call your local pressure washing professionals to have your home cleaned before the winter months roll in.

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Vinyl Siding Pressure Washing

Vinyl is the most popular choice for siding material. More than one-third of the exterior cladding installed on new and existing homes is vinyl. Not only do people pay less for vinyl as it is installed, but the upkeep for keeping it clean and looking nice is much less than other choices. While vinyl eliminates the hassle and expense of repainting the house’s siding every five years or so, vinyl still needs to be cleaned in order to look its best. Pressure washing is the fasted and most effective way to clean vinyl siding, and a professional pressure washing service can offer fantastic results to homeowners. 

Any type of home exterior covering gets dingy over time, but a pressure washer can quickly restore a home to its original beauty. While there are pressure washers available for rent and personal use at neighboring home good stores, having the home professionally cleaned is highly recommended. Professional residential pressure washers are experts at what they do. They understand how much pressure is needed to clean vinyl siding and can make professional adjustments as needed. Professional pressure washers also come to the home equipped with the right tools for the job. Sometimes years of grime are difficult to clean around windows, chimneys, gutters, etc. A professional residential pressure washer can get into grooves that are hard to reach with his tools of the trade that are not known about, or accessible, to the average homeowner.  

If you are looking to have your vinyl siding cleaned, pressure washing by a professional is the way to go. The appearance of your home can be greatly improved by pressure washing – making resell easier, your neighbors happy, and your home looking its best.

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Residential Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is when a high pressure mechanical sprayer is used to remove mold, grime, dirt, chipping paint, and such from buildings, vehicles, and concrete surfaces. Many people use pressure washing in order to clean their personal houses in residential areas. Because of the size of houses and the height of stories in homes, it is almost impossible for a house to be cleaned thoroughly with anything other than pressure washing. 

A pressure washer drives a high pressure water pump that creates a high pressure and velocity that removes unwanted particles from the house. Vinyl siding is extremely susceptible to mold and grime on houses. The vinyl clings to moisture and develops a build up that is very hard to remove. Mold also grows very quickly, and if it is not removed completely then it will continue to spread and leave a house looking very unattractive and dirty. 

Some people rent a pressure washer from a local home repair store, but many people hire a residential pressure washing company to offer professional cleaning results. A pressure washer used by a company with experience can offer fast results by using a detergent in the water stream to assist in the cleaning process. Professional washers understand the components of the pressure washing machines and how to offer the best results on residential homes. Safety is very important when using the machine because injuries can result from the pressure of the washer coming into contact with the skin. Many home owners associations have rules regarding pressure washing in order to protect their home owners, so it is important to check with your community before looking into any type of residential pressure washing.

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Give Your Home A Face-Lift With A Pressure Wash

Weather and time can wreak havoc on your home’s exterior. Decks can fade from brown to gray, pavers can become dull and roofs and siding can grow moss and fungi, taking away from the beauty of your home. Luckily there is a weapon to take away the grime and give your home a face-lift: a professional pressure wash. 

Why Hire A Professional Pressure Washing Company?

Although many homeowners may own a pressure washer, there are benefits to hiring a professional, especially for those big jobs. While a home pressure washer may be fine for spraying down the driveway or washing your car, there are jobs it may not be suited for. Improperly using a pressure washer can damage your home and may end up doing more harm than good. Some reasons to hire a professional pressure washing company for certain home cleaning jobs include: 

  • Protecting surfaces – Certain surfaces such as painted homes and decks or roofs can be ruined with improper pressure washing.
  • Environmental issues – Most areas have laws regarding the types of cleaners that can be used in conjunction with a pressure washer, as well as laws on collecting gray or run-off water.
  • Safety – Protect your own safety by hiring a professional to do high areas, which can be hazardous to the do-it-yourselfer. 

Pressure washing can make an noticeable difference in the way your home looks, and even protect it from damage when done correctly. Scheduling a professional pressure washing to give your home a needed face-lift can add to the curb appeal and beauty of your home, and is well worth the investment.

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Pressure Washing

Often, owners will find mildew, dirt and other stains gathering on fences, pool decks, wood decks, sidewalks, driveways, vinyl siding, Hardiplank siding, gutters and window and door casing.  These stains are unsightly and detract from the overall appearance of your home or business. Nothing does more to improve the look of a home or a business than having the exterior surfaces pressure washed by a professional Alpharetta pressure washing contractor on a regular basis!  

There is more to pressure washing that meets the eye.   A combination of the right equipment, as well as the proper cleaning solutions and cleaning techniques being performed by an experienced technician, is key to properly cleaning the exterior of the home or business, without causing damage.  It is very easy to cause permanent damage to the building products being cleaned due to the very high pressure that the equipment delivers the water. 

An example of this would be when inexperienced person attempts to pressure a wood deck, they often gouge the wood with the water.   Another example would be a water being directed full force on a window frame and water getting into the home causing water damage to the floor.  This is a very common issue, as windows are not designed to keep water out when directed at them under this much pressure.  In addition, incorrect cleaning solutions can cause damage to plants found around the structure.  

A professional residential and commercial pressure washing contractor that is licensed and insured can complete this work quickly and without damaging the components of the structure quickly and economically!


Cleaning the Outside of a Home with Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a popular material for the outside of homes and businesses because, unlike other types of siding, vinyl siding does not rot and never needs to be painted.  All your vinyl siding needs to keep looking great is a good periodic cleaning.   Dirt, mold, and mildew accumulate over time and a thorough washing will make vinyl siding look like new again.  Regular washing will help prevent the dirt and mildew from permanently staining or discoloring your siding.

Many homeowners use a conventional pressure washer to clean their vinyl siding, but a pressure washers use such high pressure that they can actually cause damage to your home.  These pressure washers rely on a stream of water that has been pressurized to very high pressure to remove dirt by the force of the water. 

The problem with using such high pressure water is that the water can infiltrate under the siding and soak the studs and wood sheathing.  Vinyl siding is made with perforations along the bottom edge that air can circulate under the siding. 

When high pressure water is directed at the siding, it shoot up into the perforations and gets everything behind the siding wet.  When wood framing or sheathing gets wet, it will begin to rot.  In addition, mold and mildew will begin to grow behind the siding.   

Low pressure washing is the better alternative for cleaning vinyl siding.  Low pressure washing uses environmentally safe chemicals to clean away the dirt, mildew, and debris, followed by a thorough rinse with high volume, low pressure water.  This technique gets the siding spotlessly clean while avoiding water infiltration issues.

Call an Alpharetta GA pressure washing contractor to have your vinyl siding safely cleaned with modern low pressure cleaning and it will look like new again.

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