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Roof Valley Flashing Matters

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When it comes to roof quality, valley flashing is one of the secrets of a durable, long-lasting roofs, yet many homeowners do not even know what it is. When your roof has different parts that meet for various peaks and parts of the home, the joints are referred to as valleys. These concave areas attract moisture and are the most likely to be saturated during rain and snow. Valley flashing is the material used to seal these joints and protect your roof and home, making it a very important element.

Valley flashing is usually made from metal and is needed to secure the joints on your roof and protect them from leaks. Once the roofing material is put on, you cannot see the valley flashing, but it needs to be there performing its job. Unfortunately, if not installed correctly or if it becomes worn or corroded, it can lead to a major problem with your roof. 

Problems with Valley Flashing

If installed correctly, your valley flashing should last with your roofing and protect your home from leaks. However, there are some poor flashing practices that can create issues with your roof valleys. These can include:

  • Not extending the flashing beyond the eaves
  • Using metal that is corrosive
  • Putting holes in the center of the valley for fasteners

Even if your roof looks great, if the flashing underneath is not high quality, you could have expensive damage occur to your home when heavy rain or snow hits. Valley flashing matters, so it is important to discuss the type of flashing that will be used when you have a new roof installed. Choose a quality roofing contractor and make sure to talk about the valley flashing that will be installed with your roof.

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