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Benefits of Using SBR Products

Do you use SBR rubber products for your business? If you are in manufacturing or many industrial fields, there is a good chance you should. SBR is an acronym for styrene-butadiene rubber, a synthetic form of rubber that is used in many product line applications. While natural rubber is still used to make many of the same type of products, there are benefits to choosing SBR components for your business. Here are a few of those benefits:

  • Cost is always a factor when you are purchasing components. SBR products can save money over natural rubber. Every penny affects your bottom line, so if you can find a quality part for less money, it is always a benefit to your business.
  • SBR is used to create a wide variety of products, from o-rings and pads to conveyor belts and hoses. Almost anything that can be made from natural rubber can also be made from SBR.
  • Temperature. One of the biggest benefits of SBR is its resistance to extreme temperatures. Whether it is used in below freezing conditions or in temperatures above 200 degrees, it can function and perform as required.
  • SBR can withstand an immense amount of abuse. It holds up well to abrasion; also, it has respectable tensile strength. It also is water resistant, which can be important in many applications.

Like any industrial component, you want the highest quality at the best price when it comes to rubber. You also want to ensure it meets the needs for durability and performance for your application. To learn more about SBR products, talk to a reputable supplier of industrial rubber components to find out if you can save money by switching to SBR parts.

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