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Importance of Step Riser Spacing

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The height of the riser, the vertical portion of the back of a step, is critical for meeting building codes and safety. Not only does the spacing need to be within certain measurements, they need to be consistent throughout the staircase. While there are codes and measurements for all staircase components, the step riser is one of the most important when it comes to safety.

Why is Riser Height Important?

The height of a step riser indicates how far feet will move up or down when using the stairs. It is desirable to make the steps easy enough to use for people of different heights and mobility levels. For traditional staircases with closed risers, this is typically no more than 7 ¾ inches. For open risers, this is reduced to close that open space for safety. Typically, open risers should be no more than 4 inches in height.

Conformity for Safety

Not only is it important to keep riser heights within the maximum amounts for your local building codes, conformity is critical. Stair riser heights should be as close to identical for the entire staircase. When riser heights vary even a half inch, safety can be compromised. That small difference can throw off the rhythm of going up or down the stairs, resulting in trips or falls. All stair risers should be within 3/8th of an inch from the lowest to the highest.

Creating safe, durable staircases requires precision and adherence to building and safety codes. When replacing or building a staircase, hire an experienced staircase contractor to ensure your new staircase meets all safety and building codes. They can design a staircase that is functional and safe, as well as designed to match your style.

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7 Different Styles of Staircases

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Like most design aspects of a building, staircases come in many different styles. Not only are they a functional necessity in multi-level homes and buildings, they can add an element of beauty. The traditional staircase is just the beginning when it comes to options for transitioning the levels of a structure. Here are seven of the most popular styles of staircases that can be used in a building or home design.

  1. Mission. Straight, strong lines are the basis of mission style staircases, made from wood, metal or both. Balusters are integral to the form of this basic style, which is easily customized to fit its surroundings.
  2. Rustic. Using classic materials and designs can create the organic look of a rustic staircase, bringing a earthy appeal to a building.
  3. Southwestern. The southwest has a unique architectural style, as do the staircases that blend in with these buildings.
  4. Tuscan. Elaborate and elegant, Tuscan staircases incorporate intricate ironwork railings and designs to create works of art.
  5. Modern. Glass, stainless steel and metal are the staples of modern staircases, created to offer a sleek texture and streamlined look.
  6. Craftsman. Simplicity with elegance is the basis of the craftsman-style home and the staircases inside.
  7. Traditional. In staircases, traditional style can mean simple or intricate, depending on the home or building. It matches the décor using traditional materials and structure.

Finding the right staircase style can make a substantial difference in the beauty of your home or business. To create the look you desire, finding a staircase designer that can customize a staircase that will blend with your style and enhance the beauty of your building.

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