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Parts of a Stair

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Staircases are a very important part of a home.  Not only can they add to a home’s beauty, their function is essential.  There are many parts of a stair to consider when having stairs installed or replaced in your home, and many codes to consider when choosing your design.

The Parts of the Stair

  • The Tread– The part of the stair that you step on. Make sure that the material chosen for the tread is durable. It will need to hold up to millions of uses and should be a comfortable width for the average foot.
  • The Stringers– the side of the staircase. These are the parts that the tread is attached to. It may be custom made or pre-cut for standard sizes. The wider the staircase, the more stringers are necessary to prevent sagging in the middle.
  • The Riser– the vertical piece that covers the space between each step. Some designs may allow for open risers, but it is important to know the code for your area.
  • The Nose– The part of the tread that overhangs the riser. Usually the nose is rounded and hangs about one inch over the previous riser.

It is important to work with a contractor that is familiar with the codes in your area as stairways have many regulations they must meet. If a staircase is not to code, it may have to be torn out wasting a lot of time and money. Talk to a reputable stair company when choosing the design and installation of your staircase for your home.

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