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Crash Barriers that Add Character

Protecting your business with crash barriers and bollards does not need to be boring. While these installations have an important purpose, they can also be stylish and add character to your property. Say goodbye to the traditional, bland bollard and opt for crash barriers that stand out. Here are some ideas to make your crash barriers look great while they keep your building, customers and employees safe.

Colors that Pop

You do not need to have dull metal, black or silver bollards. Make your crash barriers bright and bold with colors that pop. They can be customized to match your brand or just colorful to bring attention to your business. Not only will they keep out unwanted vehicles, they can make your business stand out. Consider geometric designs, primary colors or fun flowers; you can protect your property and still look trendy at the same time.

Custom Designs

Crash barriers can be made in a variety of shapes and forms. Instead of buying the standard bollard, talk to a custom metal fabricator that can custom design your crash barrier to match your style. Be creative – the traditional pole could be diamond shaped or an oval instead. There are no rules that you have must have boring bollards in front of your business; use this opportunity to add some flare to the front of your building or space.

Make your building or commercial space safe while adding a little style when adding crash barriers. Talk to your local custom crash barrier contractor to discuss fun ideas to add character while protecting your property. There are many creative options available when you choose to customize your bollards for your business.

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