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Benefits of Replacement Windows

Often older homes have the original windows that were installed when the home was built.  In most cases these windows are very energy inefficient and require a great deal of maintenance.  The reason that they are inefficient is because of the use of a single layer of glass.  In addition, these windows, which are typically either metal or wood, will have a poor seal, where the window sash meets the window frame. 

In many cases you can actually feel the transfer of either heat or cold thru the frame and the glass depending upon the season.  These windows also require regular maintenance, which includes periodic painting and the replacement of glazing compound, which holds the glass to the window frame.  Over time the glazing compound dries out and becomes brittle and often falls out.  This can result in the glass falling out, as well as additional energy loss. 

Vinyl replacement windows are an excellent solution to the problem.  These windows, which are custom made to fit into the opening, are made out of extruded vinyl and come with insulated glass.   The insulated glass consists of two panes of glass, with the space filled with argon glass, while the glass has a low e coating.  Both features dramatically improve the energy efficiency of the window allowing the window to qualify for an Energy Star rating. 

In addition, the window sashes are held tightly to the frame, which reduces air loss.  Since the window frame is made of vinyl, the window is extremely durable and never needs to be painted.  Once installed by a qualified replacement window contractor the windows will provide years of useful life and the property owner will see their energy costs dramatically reduced!

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