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Make Your Siding Sparkle for Curb Appeal

Does your home look dull or rundown due to dirty siding? Mildew, dirt, pollen and other substances can stick to your siding, detracting from the beauty of your home. To make your home look beautiful and inviting, clean your siding and improve your curb appeal with pressure washing. It is a quick way to improve the beauty and value of your home, if you use the right tools and techniques.

Safely Cleaning Siding

Pressure washing can be used to clean most types of siding, but it is important to know the right methods. Too high of pressure or the wrong technique and you may damage the siding or loosen shingles. It is important to avoid certain problems, such as:

  • Getting water inside vents that can lead to water or mold damage
  • Lifting shingles
  • High pressure that can dent or pierce vinyl siding
  • Splintering wood siding or shingles
  • Removing paint from too high of pressure or too close of stream
  • Damage to soffits or fascia boards

While pressure washing can remove the dirt and mildew on your home, it can also cause thousands of dollars in damage if not done correctly. To make your siding look like new, it is best to hire a professional pressure washing service that has the right equipment, cleaners and experience to carefully and effectively clean your siding without doing any damage.

In just a few hours, your home’s siding can look fresh and new again. Contact a local pressure washing service to make your siding sparkle and improve your curb appeal. It can add value to your home and protect your siding from damage, making it a worthwhile investment to maintain your home.

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Vinyl Siding Pressure Washing

Vinyl is the most popular choice for siding material. More than one-third of the exterior cladding installed on new and existing homes is vinyl. Not only do people pay less for vinyl as it is installed, but the upkeep for keeping it clean and looking nice is much less than other choices. While vinyl eliminates the hassle and expense of repainting the house’s siding every five years or so, vinyl still needs to be cleaned in order to look its best. Pressure washing is the fasted and most effective way to clean vinyl siding, and a professional pressure washing service can offer fantastic results to homeowners. 

Any type of home exterior covering gets dingy over time, but a pressure washer can quickly restore a home to its original beauty. While there are pressure washers available for rent and personal use at neighboring home good stores, having the home professionally cleaned is highly recommended. Professional residential pressure washers are experts at what they do. They understand how much pressure is needed to clean vinyl siding and can make professional adjustments as needed. Professional pressure washers also come to the home equipped with the right tools for the job. Sometimes years of grime are difficult to clean around windows, chimneys, gutters, etc. A professional residential pressure washer can get into grooves that are hard to reach with his tools of the trade that are not known about, or accessible, to the average homeowner.  

If you are looking to have your vinyl siding cleaned, pressure washing by a professional is the way to go. The appearance of your home can be greatly improved by pressure washing – making resell easier, your neighbors happy, and your home looking its best.

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