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Can Your Water Damaged Phone be Fixed?

Considering how much you use your cell phone, it is almost guaranteed that eventually it will come in contact with water. While a little sprinkle of rain is unlikely to damage your phone, if it lands in a pool or puddle, it may be at risk. The electronic components inside and the battery are easily damaged by water, but you can often minimize the risk of complete failure by acting fast when your cell phone is exposed to water.

Do’s and Don’t’s After Cell Phone Water Exposure

The first thing you want to do after a phone has been submerged in water is remove the battery, sim and memory card. Pat the phone dry with a soft cloth to remove excess water. Air drying with the removeable parts exposed can be the best way to mitigate any damage.

What you should not do is try to turn your phone on or push any buttons. This can push water into your phone. Also, limit moving your phone and do not try to use a hair dryer or heat to dry your phone; this can cause more damage. Wait for at least 24 hours before putting the parts back together and attempting to turn on your phone.

Fixing Water Damage

If your phone does not turn on after waiting for 24 hours, or if it turns on, but is not working correctly, bring it to a cell phone repair shop. It is possible that the phone can be fixed – it may just need a component repaired or replaced. A cell phone repair expert can determine the best options to salvage your phone, or at least the data inside, to minimize the inconvenience and cost of a cell phone water accident.

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Wet Smartphone Basics

Everyone knows smart phones and moisture don’t mix. Yet, when your phone goes everywhere you do, it is bound to get wet eventually. A small spill on your phone or a little rain is usually not a problem; just wipe it off quickly and in most cases, no damage is done. However, if your smartphone takes a dunk in the toilet or lands in the pool, you may not be so lucky. Acting fast can save your phone from permanent damage. Here are some wet smartphone basics to help minimize damage if your phone gets soaked.

  • Dry off the exterior. First and foremost, turn off the phone and wipe away all moisture from the outside of the phone. If the phone is well-sealed, this can prevent damage in some cases. Make sure to dry all ports as much as possible and leave out plugs to allow drying.
  • Take apart your phone. Open the case and take out removable parts such as the battery, memory card and SIM card. Wipe all components dry with a soft, absorbent cloth or paper towel.
  • Suction, not forced air, is best. If you want to try and remove water, do not use a hair dryer or forced air; it can force water further inside. A vacuum can be used, but do not put the hose too close to the phone.
  • Let the phone dry. Leaving the phone and components to air dry on an absorbent cloth for several hours or overnight can remove water. Another option is to put the phone in dry white rice that can pull water out and absorb it.
  • Try to turn on phone. Wait at least 24 hours; if all the components feel and look dry, assemble and try to turn on your phone; if it doesn’t turn on, try charging the battery.

If your phone doesn’t turn on or has functional issues after completing all these steps, all is not necessarily lost. Bring it to a local cell phone repair shop. Often, they can fix water damage, especially if you have removed as much water as possible first.

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Don’t Replace Your Cell Phone – Repair It!

Cell phones, especially smartphones like iPhones and Samsung Galaxies, are not cheap. In fact, many of these smartphones cost as much as a computer. The problem is that although they can perform incredible functions, these phones are very vulnerable to damage. Even with cases and covers for protection, it is common for these cell phones to have impact, water or pressure damage. If this happens to your expensive phone, what do you do? Before you fork out hundreds of dollars for a new phone, consider repair.

A decade ago, no one would spend the money to repair a cell phone. It was less expensive to just buy a new one or get an early upgrade for a nearly free phone. However, times have changed and it is more expensive to replace these new mini-computers. Instead, many people are choosing to repair their cell phones at local repair shops in malls and shopping centers. The benefit of repair over replacement includes:

  • Save money. Repairs on cracked screens or battery replacement are a fraction of the cost of replacement.
  • Keep your phone. You love your phone and are finally used to all its functions, so why start again with a new phone?
  • Save time. Getting a new phone means switching all your applications and features over to your new phone, which can take hours to complete.

The next time you drop your cell phone into the pool or accidentally sit on it, cracking the screen, bring it to your local cell phone repair shop. Often they can fix your cell phone in just a few minutes while you wait. It is a faster, easier way to get your phone looking and working like new again without the hassle or expense of replacement.

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What To Do If Your Phone or Tablet Gets Wet

It happens all the time – you knock over a beverage on your tablet or get thrown into the pool with your cell phone in your back pocket. We all know that electronic devices and water don’t mix and often water damage can be the end of your expensive mobile device. However, if you act fast, sometime you can reduce the damage and save your device. The next time your cell phone or tablet gets wet, here are some tips to minimize the damage.

  • Turn it off. First and foremost, you need to switch off your cell phone or tablet. You don’t want the electrical circuits trying to work while it is wet. If you can, take out the battery completely.
  • Dissemble your device. Take any parts out that you can including your battery, SIM card and SD card. Blot all the parts and slots with absorbent tissue to remove as much water as possible
  • Dry the components. There are a few ways you can try and remove the moisture. Using a hair dryer is one option. Putting your parts on a pan and letting them dry in the oven on the ‘warm’ setting can help. Also, putting your hardware in a bowl of rice overnight can help pull out the moisture.

Many times by acting fast, you can prevent sustained water damage to your cell phone or tablet. However, that is not always the case. If your efforts do not work at all or you begin to have issues after your device was exposed to water, you still may be able to have it repaired. Bring it to a local cell phone and tablet repair store to see if they can fix the water damage. It is much less expensive than paying for a whole new cell phone or tablet and often they can repair the damage the same day.

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