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Why Do I Need Replacement Windows?

Many older homes in the United States are not energy efficient, especially when compared to newer homes being built today.  One of the biggest factors impacting the energy efficiency of the home is the type of windows being used.  Traditionally, older homes utilized single pane glass and the manufacturing methods of the windows resulting in gaps between the window sashes and the window frame.  The single pane glass, as well as the poor sealing of the window, allows conditioned air to escape as well as allowing unconditioned air to enter the home, resulting in increased energy costs. 

Replacement windows are the ideal solution to improving the energy efficiency of any older home.  In addition to the seals of the windows being much better all but eliminating air leakage, the glass is insulated as well.  Two layers of glass are used to create the insulated glass, with the cavity between the glass panes being vacuum-sealed to prevent condensation. 

The cavity can also be sealed with argon gas, which increases its insulation value as well.  In addition, the glass is available with a low-e coating, which reflects solar radiation away from the window.  On the hottest days, the glass will remain cool to the touch, even in direct sunlight.  An added benefit of low-e glass is that materials used as furnishings or decoration will not fade due to the direct sunlight. 

Window replacement is a cost effective means to improve the energy efficiency of any older home, with the initial investment being recouped quickly!

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