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Finding and Fixing the Cause of Structural Cracks

Are there stair-step cracks in your brick or a crack forming on a interior wall? Cracks on structural surfaces of your home are more than just an aesthetic issue; they often are evidence of a deeper problem. Before you decide to cover up the crack and forget it, consider what these cracks may mean and […]

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Can Your Water Damaged Phone be Fixed?

Considering how much you use your cell phone, it is almost guaranteed that eventually it will come in contact with water. While a little sprinkle of rain is unlikely to damage your phone, if it lands in a pool or puddle, it may be at risk. The electronic components inside and the battery are easily […]

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7 Different Styles of Staircases

Like most design aspects of a building, staircases come in many different styles. Not only are they a functional necessity in multi-level homes and buildings, they can add an element of beauty. The traditional staircase is just the beginning when it comes to options for transitioning the levels of a structure. Here are seven of […]

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Lithia Springs GA Window Washers

When you need professional window cleaning services in Lithia Springs, it can be difficult to find the right company. Well, look no more. Our Lithia Springs GA window washing company takes great pride in giving homeowners and business owners sparkling clean windows with complete customer satisfaction and at a fair price. Window washing is our specialty and our high quality window cleaning services are sure to exceed your expectations.

Lithia Springs Window Cleaning Services

Our Lithia Springs GA window washing company employs professional, experienced window washers to clean all types of glass surfaces. Our window cleaning services include light fixtures, chandeliers, skylights, glass doors, storm doors, shower doors and of course, windows. We don't stop at the glass, however. Our expert window washers make sure all of the surrounding surfaces such as sills, thresholds or shutters are clear of debris and dirt. Whether you need residential or commercial window cleaning services, you can depend on us to leave your windows clear and with no streaks or spots.

We use the latest window washing equipment and hand cleaning techniques to ensure you receive the best possible service. We offer window cleaning services weekly, monthly or a one-time thorough window cleaning. Our window washers use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions to get rid of hard water stains, mineral deposits and more to help your windows stay cleaner for a longer period of time. Whether you need window cleaning services for a one story ranch home or a skyscraper, we will make your windows sparkle inside and out.

Window Washing Companies

Contact our Lithia Springs GA window washing company to find out how we can handle the dirty work for you. We promise to provide unmatched window cleaning services with a focus on customer service and satisfaction. Schedule your window washing appointment with our professionals today.

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