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Can a Cracked Garage Door be Repaired?

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When does damage to your garage door mean replacement? Not all garage door cracks or dents require a complete door replacement. In some cases, a garage door repair can be completed to extend the life of the garage door. However, there are times when garage door replacement is needed for safety.

Metal Garage Door Damage

Dents and cracks in steel or aluminum garage doors are common. Dents can be caused by backing into the door or items like basketballs bouncing off the door. Cracks are more serious. These can be caused from a serious impact to the door or stress cracks from age.

Dented panels on metal garage doors can often be replaced individually. Cracks can be mended, and in some cases, the panel can be replaced. However, it is important to determine the cause of the crack; if it is due to wear and tear, it may be best to replace the entire door.

Wooden Garage Door Cracks

Wooden garage doors often become cracked due to exposure to the elements or damage from impact. Some wooden door panels with cracks can be replaced, but if a crack occurs on a solid wood garage door, you may need to replace the entire door. A deep crack can impact the integrity of the structure of the door, creating a safety issue.

If you have a dent or crack in your garage door, it is best to have it inspected by a professional. In some cases, it may be able to be repaired. For older garage doors, it may be best to replace the entire door as more problems are likely to occur. Your garage door professional can advise you of the options to make the best decision.

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Protect Your Fleet Investment with Pro Cleaning

If you have a fleet of trucks, vans or other vehicles for your business, this represents a large investment. Not only do you want to maintain the engine, brakes, tires and other mechanical components, you want to keep your fleet clean. Not only does dirt, salt, oil and other substances damage your paint and frame, dirty vehicles can tarnish your business’ image. Professional cleaning can protect the investment in your fleet and improve your brand’s image.

Benefits of Routine Fleet Cleaning

If your fleet is on the road day in and day out, it is going to get dirty. While you cannot expect to wash a full fleet every day, routine cleaning should be done at minimum twice a month. When you hire a professional pressure washing company to clean your fleet regularly, you can benefit from this investment. Some benefits include:

  • Protect your fleet’s paint from damage
  • Remove chemicals that can cause rust and premature frame deterioration
  • Your fleet is a rolling advertisement – keeping your vehicles clean improves your brand image
  • Retain value or protect your lease on your fleet vehicles

When you invest in regular fleet maintenance, you are protecting one of your business’ largest assets. Dirty fleet vehicles are not only a stain on your reputation, it can cost you more in lost value or damage to the vehicles. Fleeting cleaning can give you a big return on your investment.

To keep your fleet clean, sign up for ongoing cleaning through a local power washing service. They have the right equipment and expertise to protect your investment in your fleet and cleanup up your business’ image.

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Can I Replace My iPhone Battery Myself?

If you love your iPhone, there is a good chance you have put the battery to the test. When the time between charges gets shorter and shorter or your phone seems to be slowing down, it may be time to replace the battery. However, iPhone batteries do not just “pop out” like many other cell phones. Replacing the battery is a little more challenging and requires the right tools and expertise.

To replace an iPhone battery, it is more than just popping off the back of the case of the phone. You need a battery removal kit to have the right tools to do the job. iPhones are glued and screwed together. You will need to carefully remove adhesive and screws to take out the battery and inset the new one. The problem is that if done incorrectly, you can break the adhesive and even damage the battery. Plus, on newer iPhones, you can lose the waterproofing once the glue is removed.

Bring Your iPhone to a Pro

While you can buy the kits to replace your own iPhone battery, it is worth it to have a professional do this job for you. It is not worth the risk of damaging your device to save a few bucks off a battery replacement service. Find a quality cell phone repair shop that specializes in iPhone repairs and bring your phone in for a battery replacement. These pros have the training and tools to do the repair right – make sure to ask if they warranty their services.

Some tasks are best left to the professionals. If you iPhone battery needs replacement, bring it to a local cell phone repair shop versus doing it yourself.

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Skip Summer Painting with New Vinyl Siding

Posted in Siding

If your home is beginning to look shabby due to fading or peeling paint, you probably are planning to resolve the issue once the summer weather arrives. Summer is the best time for painting, but what is even better is not needing to paint at all. If you are tired of repainting your home every 5-10 years, why not invest in a different siding solution. With vinyl siding, you can say goodbye to painting your home for good.

Advantages of Vinyl Siding

When you change to vinyl siding over wood or composite siding, you gain many advantages for your home. Vinyl siding offers a long-lasting covering for your home that requires very little maintenance. Some of the benefits of vinyl siding include:

  • Energy savings. Vinyl siding can help insulate homes and keep energy costs down.
  • Low-cost installation. Compared to wood, vinyl is cost-effective for installation.
  • Wide variety of styles. Vinyl comes in different styles, including mimicking the look of wood shingles.
  • Low-maintenance. One of the biggest reasons people love vinyl siding is that it never needs to be painted and will not rot and resists mildew. It can be kept clean easily with pressure washing.
  • Durable. Vinyl siding can last for decades and stands up to all types of weather elements without problems.

While wood has been the go-to siding for many years, vinyl siding now accounts for close to 40% of the siding market. This growth is due to the many advantages it offers, especially when it comes to your bank account. It is less expensive to install and maintain, plus it helps you save on your energy bills. Contact your local home improvement contractor to learn more about switching to vinyl siding versus painting your home again this summer.

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Common Cause of Window and Door Problems

Does your door stick when it opens or closes? Do you have windows that are hard to open or will not open at all? When you have doors and windows that are not working right, it may be a bigger problem. If your home is settling or your foundation is sinking, it can affect your home’s structure. Window and door problems can be one of the first signs you may need a foundation repair.

One door or window that does not work correctly could be an isolated issue. However, when you have more than one door or window that are not opening or closing right, it may be a structure issue. Even if there is not a noticeable change in the level of your home, you could be experiencing the beginning of foundation problems. This issue will only continue to get worse if the foundation is settling and could eventually cause serious structural problems.

Hire a Foundation Specialist for an Inspection

To determine whether a foundation problem is causing your door and window issues, contact a foundation specialist. They can perform a thorough inspection on your foundation to determine if it is sinking or settling. Catching this issue early can give you a chance to have your foundation leveled or repaired to prevent serious and expensive damage to your home’s structure.

If more than one window or door are hard to open or close, you should consider that a foundation problem may be causing these issues. Find a foundation professional to inspect your home and foundation. Not only could this help resolve annoying door and window dysfunction, it can protect your home from further structure damage.

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The History of the Golf Cart

Posted in Golf Carts

Today’s golf carts go far beyond just traveling between 18-holes. Golf carts have come off the course and now are used in airports, for personal transportation, for events and all types of activities. Have you ever wondered when and how these economical and eco-friendly vehicles were invented? Here is a brief timeline on the history of the golf cart and how they become a staple for business and personal use.

  • Golf carts were first actual carts that were pulled like rickshaws by caddies…in the 1930-40’s these were used on some courses and the first versions of electric golf carts were devised based on this concept. However, none caught on for mass production during these early stages.
  • R.J. Jackson marketed the first gas-powered, 3-wheeled golf cart in the 1950’s called the Arthritis Special, geared toward elderly golfers.
  • Marketeer began selling electric golf carts in 1951, which quickly became more popular than the gas-powered version. They were quieter without smoke, traits that were appreciated on the golf course.
  • During the 50’s, several other companies began making golf carts, including E-Z Go in 1954, which are still around today
  • By the 1960’s, golf courses began to rent carts to give those unable to buy their own an option for course transportation.
  • 1970’s until today, golf carts remain similar but with more options and better technology. Batteries last longer, more custom options can be added and street legal kits are available, making them popular for many different activities.

Golf carts have come a long way since they were pulled around by caddies. To see all the new options in golf carts, visit a local golf cart dealer and checkout all the models and features available.

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Benefits of Customized Iron Fencing

If you are planning to add new fencing to your home or business, there are several materials and styles to consider. Wood fences in various styles are available, as are vinyl versions that mimic wood. There is chain link and wire for inexpensive, secure options when style is not a concern. But if you want a unique, stylish option, customized iron fencing offers many benefits over other materials.

Elegant Style

If you want to add beauty to your home or business, wrought iron or customized metal fencing adds elegance and a classic style. With metal, you can have the components customized to create any look you desire. Metal fabricators can incorporate initials, designs, patterns or other features to make your fencing and gates unique.

Durable Design

Iron or metal fencing can last for decades, making it a worthwhile investment. When properly coated, this durable fencing can withstand all types of weather without rusting or decay. Although metal fencing does not provide much privacy, it offers security for homes and business, helping deter intruders.

Easy Maintenance

No staining or regular cleaning is needed to keep metal fencing looking sharp. Iron or other customized metal fencing is easy to maintain. Coating or painting may be needed once every several years to prevent rust, depending on the quality of coating or paint on the original fencing.

If you want fencing that adds style to your property while providing security, customized iron or metal fencing is an excellent choice. Contact a metal fabricator in your area to discuss the many options available. Talented fabricators can create a unique fencing design that will set your home or business apart from the rest.

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Best Conveyor Belt Options for Food Production Lines

Posted in Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts are necessary for all types of mass production and are uses extensively in making and packaging food products. However, to meet health standards and other concerns, the conveyors used for food production lines must meet certain specifications. Many small food operations grow to the point where they need to add conveyor belts to meet their production goals. When deciding which conveyor belts are best for a food production line, consider these factors.

Is the Belt Food Grade and USDA Approved?

You must have a conveyor belt that is food grade and has been approved by the USDA for food production. These tend to be non-porous to prevent contamination and issues with bacteria.

Belts Should Have a Specialized Coating

If the food that will be transported has liquid or sticky substances, you will want the conveyor belt to be coated to prevent staining and allow for easy cleaning. Popular coatings include silicone and Teflon, which offer a non-stick surface.

Temperature Compatible Materials

If the food needing to be processed is frozen or hot, it is important to have food grade belts that will be compatible with the temperatures. Some belts may crack in cold temperatures, while others could melt with too much heat.

Cleated or Non-Cleated

Some food products may require cleating to hold the items in place if they are flat, slippery or may roll off the conveyor belt.

In many cases, conveyor belts for food production lines will need to be customized for the exact specifications needed. It is vital to have a conveyor belt company that offers specialized food-grade conveyor belts to find the best option to fit the needs of your business.

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Importance of Step Riser Spacing

Posted in Stairs

The height of the riser, the vertical portion of the back of a step, is critical for meeting building codes and safety. Not only does the spacing need to be within certain measurements, they need to be consistent throughout the staircase. While there are codes and measurements for all staircase components, the step riser is one of the most important when it comes to safety.

Why is Riser Height Important?

The height of a step riser indicates how far feet will move up or down when using the stairs. It is desirable to make the steps easy enough to use for people of different heights and mobility levels. For traditional staircases with closed risers, this is typically no more than 7 ¾ inches. For open risers, this is reduced to close that open space for safety. Typically, open risers should be no more than 4 inches in height.

Conformity for Safety

Not only is it important to keep riser heights within the maximum amounts for your local building codes, conformity is critical. Stair riser heights should be as close to identical for the entire staircase. When riser heights vary even a half inch, safety can be compromised. That small difference can throw off the rhythm of going up or down the stairs, resulting in trips or falls. All stair risers should be within 3/8th of an inch from the lowest to the highest.

Creating safe, durable staircases requires precision and adherence to building and safety codes. When replacing or building a staircase, hire an experienced staircase contractor to ensure your new staircase meets all safety and building codes. They can design a staircase that is functional and safe, as well as designed to match your style.

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Spring Cleaning for Your Outdoor Space

Before you pull out your patio furniture and remove the pool cover to get ready to enjoy summer outside, consider a spring cleaning. Over the months of fall and winter weather, your patio, pool deck and other surfaces may look a little dingy. In one call to a local pressure washing service, you can schedule a thorough cleaning for your yard, home and outdoor living space. Here are a few areas to consider cleaning this spring to start the season off right.

Patios and Decks

Remove mildew, moss and dirt from your patio or deck with a professional power washing. It is easier to do when all your outdoor furniture is still in storage.

Pool Decks

If you have a pool, you want to ensure the surrounding tile, stone or concrete on your pool deck is sparkling. This can help protect the surface as well as improve the appearance of your pool area.


Vinyl and wooden fencing need routine cleanings. Wood especially will tend to turn gray and dull if not cleaned routinely. Wood can be damaged by too much water pressure so it is a good idea to have it cleaned by a professional.

Roof, Gutters and Siding

Your home can be dirty after a long winter. Not only can debris, moss and mildew detract from the beauty of your home, they can cause damage. Have a thorough cleaning from roof to foundation to restore your home’s appearance.

A spring cleaning for your outdoor surfaces can make your home and outdoor areas look new again. Schedule your spring power washing with a local professional to ensure your home is ready for the summer ahead.

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