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Signs Your Home’s Foundation Needs Repairing

Underneath your home is the most important element of the structure – your foundation. Yes, the walls and roof are all important, but the foundation holds everything in place. If the integrity of your foundation is corrupted, your entire home is in jeopardy. Catch issues in your foundation early to prevent damage to the rest of your home. Here are some early signs that your foundation needs repairing.

  • Visible cracks. Not all foundation issues are easy to see, but sometime they can be in plain sight. If there are cracks in your foundation, it is a blatant sign that you need a repair. Even if your home still seems level and intact, call in a foundation expert for an inspection.


  • Stuck doors and windows. Are your windows and doors difficult to open or close? This can be a sign of settling under your foundation.


  • Unlevel floors. Have you noticed the floor slopes slightly in some rooms of your home? You may have a foundation that is settling on one side of your home, creating unlevel floors.


  • Cracked walls. Are there cracks in your brick or in the interior walls of your home? Often these are due to the foundation moving below the home. It can be caused by a rapid shift like an earthquake or a slow shifting of the foundation.


  • Separating walls and floors. If you have noticed that there gaps between your walls, floors and ceilings, this can occur due to foundation problems.


Foundation issues are serious. If you have any of these signs of foundation problems, call your local masonry or foundation specialist for an inspection. Repairing your foundation can fix these issues and protect your most important asset – your home.

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Pattern and Texture Options for Your Paver Patio or Pool Deck

Posted in Paving

Pavers are popular for patios and pool decks for many reasons, from their durability and easy maintenance to the design and style options. When choosing pavers for your new patio or pool deck, you have been decisions to make regarding design, including the pattern and texture options you want to use. Here are some tips to help you choose the right patterns and textures to best match your home and style.

Texture Options

The finish or texture on your pavers can make a difference in the overall appearance and function. Some of the options available include:

  • Smooth, often referred to as a class finish
  • Antiqued or worn finish
  • A natural, embossed texture

In some cases, more than one texture can be used to highlight a design aspect – edge pavers may be smooth, while the inside pavers are embossed.

Pattern Choices

Both the shape of your patio and the pattern design can make a big difference in how your patio blends with your home’s style. A home with arched windows and curves with blend better with a rounded patio; a home with sharp angles will be better suited with a patio that is made from right angles.

For patterns, there are varieties of running, modular and geometrical designs that can enhance your patio. Using different colored pavers in patterns can create an interesting design for your pool deck that will make it unique and blend with your architectural style.

If you are planning a new paver pool deck or patio, use the knowledge and expertise of an experienced paver installation contractor to help determine the best textures and patterns for your style. They can help you find the right design that will enhance your outdoor space to add beauty and value to your home.

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Golf Carts for Sporting Clays Courses

Posted in Golf Carts

Golf carts are not just for the sport of golf – they are popular for personal transportation for many other sports as well. If you are an avid sports shooter or bird hunter, you could benefit from owning a golf cart of your own. Sporting clays is a great way to enjoy sport shooting for advanced shooters and a beneficial way to prepare for a bird hunting expedition. However, sporting clays courses are usually spread out over many acres to create a realistic hunting environment. Golf carts can make the trips between stands quicker and easier, making them a wise investment.

Sporting Clays Shooting Courses

If you own a sporting clays shooting course, investing in golf carts for your clients is crucial for your business. Shooting enthusiasts have varying health and physical problems that may limit their ability to walk from stand to stand. Golf carts make it easier for all shooters to use your course. Plus, there are other advantages. Golf carts make it quicker for shooters to complete the course, which means you can handle more customers per day for more profit. 

Owning Your Own Cart for Sporting Clays

While most quality sporting clays course will have golf carts for rent, if you frequently go shooting, you may benefit from owning your own golf cart. You can forego the rental fees and ensure there is always a cart available for your use by investing in your own cart. You can also use your golf cart for hunting and personal transportation in rural areas.

Sporting clays enthusiasts can benefit from owning golf carts, whether they are course owners or customers. Visit a golf cart dealer to find the best option for your sport shooting needs.

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5 Cool Ideas Using Metal Fabrication

With metal fabrication, almost any design is possible for staircases, furnishings and many types of construction. While there are plenty of pre-fabricated metal options, customized creations can give your business, organization or home a unique style. Here are five cool creations that can be completed using metal fabrication.

  1. Metal building facades. Not only can building framework be made from metal, a façade can be fabricated that is elegant and contemporary in design to update any building or structure.
  2. Customized equipment. Can’t find an exhaust hood for your commercial kitchen that is the right style or dimensions? With metal fabrication your equipment can be made to fit your needs.
  3. Stylized railings. Whether it is an apartment complex or a high-scale auditorium, railings for decks, balconies and staircases can be created that match the style of the décor. A talented metal fabrication company can design railings that are functional and accent your building, customized to blend with your architecture.
  4. Artistic staircases. With metal fabrication, staircases never need to be boring or purely functional. Spiral staircases can be created for homes, galleries and many other structures, adding a stunning centerpiece to any building, indoors or outdoors.
  5. Creative benches and bollards. You do not need to settle for mass-produce metal benches or bollards for your neighborhood park or the front of your business. Have your metal protective devices and seating customized to match your style.

For your next metal construction project, consider the benefits of using a metal fabricator to design a unique option for improved style and function. The only limits are your imagination and the talent of the fabricator you hire.

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5 Traits to Seek in an Industrial Supplier

Posted in Conveyor Belts

The products you need for your manufacturing or other industrial needs impact the success of your business. Having a reliable conveyor belt supplier for your industrial operation is imperative to keep production rolling, costs down and revenues high. When you are choosing a supplier for your conveyor belts and other industrial rubber products, you need to vet them and ensure they will meet your needs. Here are five traits to look for in your industrial supplier.

  1. Knowledge. Find a supplier that is an expert in their field. If you need a conveyor belt, you want a supplier that knows conveyor belts inside and out.
  2. Specialty products. When you need a specialty hose for your machinery, you need a supplier that can provide you with what you need. Whether they can get it for you or make it themselves, you want a supplier that will find the product you need when you need it.
  3. Nothing can replace experience. You want a supplier that has many years in the industry, with a reputation for excellence.
  4. Customer service. You need a supplier that doesn’t just promise stellar customer service but delivers. Check references and talk with other clients who use the supplier to ensure they stand behind their products and service.
  5. Last, but not least, quality of products is a must from any supplier you choose for your business. You want to ensure every penny you spend you put into your business is a smart investment.

Vetting a new industrial supplier is time consuming, but worth the effort. Take the time to choose a supplier with reliable traits to get the best products and services for your business.

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Pressure Washing Can Add Value to Your Home

Are you putting your home on the market? Every detail can help when selling a home, and one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your curb appeal is through exterior house washing. Making sure the surfaces on and around your home are clean is a quick way to add to the value and increase its potential. Pressure washing is the best way to clean more exterior surfaces safely and effectively. Here are few places to power wash before you put up the “for sale” sign. 

  • Driveway and garage door. One of the area people see first is the driveway and garage door. Spray away any dirt, grime or stains to make this noticeable area pristine for improved curb appeal.
  • Walkways and patios. Pressure washing can clean concrete or stone sidewalks, walkways and patio, clearing away moss, mildew or other surface issues.
  • Roofing and siding. Give you home a bath with pressure washing from top to bottom. It can be amazing how much newer your roof and siding will look when the months of grime are washed away.
  • Fences and decks. Power washing is perfect for almost all surfaces, including wood. Bring out the beauty of your wood fencing and deck with pressure washing – make sure to use the right level of pressure to only clean, not strip or splinter.

In one day, you can have your entire home and the surfaces around it cleaned with pressure washing. Hire a professional pressure washing crew to make your home sparkle from the sidewalk entrance to the top of the roof before you get ready to put it on the market.

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How Pressure Washing Can Protect Your Shingled Roof

Replacing the roof on your home can be one of the most expensive home improvements you need to do, so you want it to last. Although shingles are meant to withstand the elements and last twenty years or more, you can help protect them from premature wear. Roofing is a haven for fungus and algae growth that can not only make your home look dirty, it can possibly shorten the life of your shingles. Pressure washing at least once a year can improve the look of your home and protect your shingles from damage.

The types of algae and moss that grow on shingles use the rough surface to secure their territory. Moss can grow on roofs in wet climates, while algae is common in some areas on the shaded side of the roof. Both can cause a deterioration of the shingles and detract from the beauty of your home.

Pressure Washing Your Roof

While pressure washing can remove algae, moss and debris from your roof, it must be done carefully. Too high of pressure can damage shingles, doing more harm than good. Professional pressure washing companies use equipment that can be fine-tuned with enough pressure to remove the growths on your shingles without causing damage. It is worth the investment to hire a professional for low pressure roof cleaning instead of doing it yourself to make sure your shingles are cleaned but not stripped or lifted.

If you have noticed black streaks on your roofing or patches of moss, contact your local professional pressure washing service for a roof cleaning. It will make your home look beautiful while protecting the shingles to help them last longer.

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Factors to Consider When You Need a Computer Repair

Even with the convenience of tablets and smartphones, computers are still the workhorses of the tech world. Most people rely on a computer for at least one aspect of their lives – school, work or home, many tasks still require a computer. When your computer fails or crashes, you need it repaired fast or you need it replaced. If you decide you want to opt for a repair, you need to find the right computer expert. Here are a few factors to consider for finding a quick, quality computer service:

  • Experienced technicians. Does the repair shop have certified, trained computer techs? Make sure you choose a company with experienced repair experts.
  • Quality components. If components need to be replaced, you want to know they will be using parts that have been carefully tested for quality.
  • Fast service. You want quality and expertise, but you also need your computer back quickly. Ask about their turnaround times – places that do repairs on-site are usually quicker than those that need to send your computer away for repairs.
  • Does the computer repair shop offer a solid warranty? Ask before you bring your computer to them for repair.
  • Diagnostic testing. Will you be charged for diagnostic testing to find the problem? While this is common, you do not want to be charged if they cannot fix the issue. Ask whether the fee is waived if they cannot fix your computer.

You do not want to find out you chose the wrong computer repair shop after they already have your device. Make sure to consider these factors and find a reputable repair company first before you hand them your trusty computer.

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FAQs About Getting a New Roof

Posted in Roofing

Are you considering replacing your roof? Most people only buy a new roof once or twice in their lifetime, so it is not something they do often. It is common to have questions on what to expect. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about getting a new roof.

How much will a new roof cost?

Unfortunately, the most commonly asked question is not easily answered. The amount depends on the size, type of roofing, number of peaks and many other variables. You need a quote based on your home and roof type.

Is asphalt the best type of roofing?

Asphalt shingles are the most popular type of roofing used in the U.S. They are cost effective and depending on the type you get, they can last 20, 30 or more years. There are other options like wood, metal and tile, which are all high-quality; they tend to be more expensive, but some can last longer than asphalt.

How long will it take to replace my roof?

Having the roof replaced on your home can seem invasive, but most roofs can be replaced in less than a week, weather permitting. Some smaller homes with simple roofs can be completed in a day or two, with larger, more complex roofing systems requiring a several days.

How do I choose a contractor?

It is a good idea to vet your contractor – do not base your decision on price alone. Do your research to find a local contractor with an excellent reputation. You want a good warranty and guarantee from a reputable contractor with experience – be wary of low bids from contractors without a reliable track record.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the questions you may have about getting a new roof. Talk to a trusted local roof contractor to get answers to all your questions before you sign a contract to get a new roof.

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Why Is My Home’s Foundation Sinking?

One of the first questions many people have when they find out their house is sinking or settling, is “Why?” Why is it sinking and why now? Many people assume that it is simply age, that over time a house will settle. Yet, many newer homes can have a sinking foundation. Here’s why foundations sink or settle and what can be done to fix them.

Changes in the Soil

Soil is what supports your foundation – if your foundation is sinking, it is usually due to problem with the soil beneath it. For older homes, that soil may have been solid for many decades, but something changed the composition. This can be erosion from water (floods, water leaks, etc.), excessive tree roots and weather conditions. Soil with heavy amounts of clay are more prone to problems because clay swells with water and shrinks when dry, causing shifts in a foundation.

For newer homes with sinking foundations, it is often due to a poorly filled lot. If the soil is not properly compacted, the house can settle and sink, causing possible structural problems if the issue is not resolved. Unexpected water erosion can also be to blame, from natural disasters, plumbing leaks or localized flooding.

At the first signs that a foundation is sinking or settling, it is important to begin sinking foundation repairs right away. Settling can cause extensive damage to the house’s structure. However, if a foundation expert can begin work quickly, the damage can be minimized. Lifting and stabilizing the foundation can give the house the support it needs to protect it from further settling and structure damage. The important factor is having a foundation expert quickly assess the problem and begin repairing the issue before it gets worse.

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