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Spring Cleaning for Your Outdoor Space

Before you pull out your patio furniture and remove the pool cover to get ready to enjoy summer outside, consider a spring cleaning. Over the months of fall and winter weather, your patio, pool deck and other surfaces may look a little dingy. In one call to a local pressure washing service, you can schedule […]

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Save Money by Maintaining and Keeping Your Cell Phone

Most technology becomes cheaper over time. It is less expensive to buy a big screen TV or computer now than it ever has been. But one device seems to only go up in price – the smartphone. A new iPhone or other top brand can cost a thousand dollars or more. While many people are […]

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Should You Replace Your Roof This Summer?

Most homeowners will only replace the roof on their home once. A quality roof can last for decades but if you own your home for 30 years or buy a used home, there is a good chance you will need to replace the roof at some point. It is a large investment but if you […]

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ClubDrive Systems

ClubDrive Systems

ClubDrive Systems

1447 Peachtree St NE Suite 450
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 448-3001

ClubDrive Systems is a provider of managed IT services in Atlanta, Georgia. We offer solutions to businesses that want to find affordable ways to increase productivity and scale their business. Cloud hosted services, such as full turn-key hosted IT, will transform how your business accesses and handles sensitive data.

Virtual desktop infrastructure allows businesses with limited resources to downscale hardware. Thin clients which require limited resources can access the virtual environment. These machines are stripped down to increase lifespan. Our customers can repurpose absolute computers for use as client devices. There are a range of benefits when you switch to cloud-hosted services with ClubDrive Systems.

Third-party platforms like Salesforce Services, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure provide businesses with new tools to improve productivity. ClubDrive Systems offers full support for these platforms and more when you subscribe to our managed IT services.

Monitored and Managed Network and Servers

ClubDrive Systems provides robust network and server monitoring services, which include network audits. We monitor all traffic and proactively identify any unusual activity or attempts to access applications and systems. Multi-factor security protocols are available to ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive customer data.

All customer, client or patient data is stored in secure data banks that are designed to provide customers with enhanced business continuity and disaster recovery protection. ClubDrive Systems can also provide a consultation on creating an effective business continuity plan to prevent unnecessary loss of data and downtime.

We work closely with our customers to create individualized IT management strategies. We understand that your business is unique. Our team will coordinate with your business to ensure seamless migration of processes and applications.

To learn more about fully managed IT services from ClubDrive Systems, call for a consultation today.

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1447 Peachtree St NE
Suite 450
Atlanta, Georgia 30309

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