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New Phone? Protect It!

New cell phones can cost more than a new TV or computer. If you buy a top brand like an iPhone, you could be spending several hundred dollars or more on your new phone. You want to make sure your new phone will last and protect it against damage. One of the best ways is […]

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Is Your Roof Ready for Storm Season?

When severe storm season hits, your home can be at risk for damage. Your roof is the main protection for your house, especially during wind, hail and other extreme storms. Before storm season arrives, it is important to ensure your roof is ready to withstand the elements. Here are a few tips to make sure […]

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Common Problems with Brick Structures

Brick structures can last for decades and are known for their longevity. Many of the oldest building in the country are made from brick, as are many of the chimneys. While brick does last, it often does require repairs and maintenance. It is important to know the common issues that can occur over time with […]

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Atlanta Foundation Repair

Welcome to Anglin’s Foundation and Masonry Repairs: Atlanta’s trusted provider of complete foundation repair services. We are a full service foundation and masonry repair contractor serving the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. With over 80 of experience in diagnosing and repairing foundation problems, you can trust our experts with all of your foundation repair needs including repairing a sinking, settling or unlevel foundation. We also do expert brick and mortar repair and patch cracks in basement walls, brick walls and slabs. John Anglin and his dedicated team of foundation repair specialists have the knowledge, skill and expertise needed to fix your foundation for life, the first time. We use only the highest quality materials for all of our foundation repair work and we stand firmly behind our work with a lifetime warranty.

Do you have large cracks indicating separating areas of brick or block walls in your home or commercial building? Have you found cracks your concrete basement walls or slab foundation? These are all signs of foundation problems. If not properly addressed, foundation problems can threaten the stability of your entire structure and require expensive repairs. Before starting any work on your home or commercial building, our foundation repair experts will thoroughly inspect your property to determine the root cause of the problem. As a benefit for our valued clients, we offer our foundation inspections free of charge. Once the cause has been determined, we can then determine the proper methods for correcting the problem and provide you with a free quote.

Anglin’s Foundation and Masonry Repairs offers a lifetime of experienced back by a lifetime warranty. Don’t let foundation problems threaten the stability of your home or commercial building. Instead, call Anglin’s Foundation and Masonry Repairs today at (770) 442-2924 and schedule your free foundation inspection. We look forward to serving you with expert foundation repair services.

Anglin's Foundation and Masonry Repairs has been providing top quality residential and commercial foundation and masonry repair services in Marietta and the surrounding areas for over 40 years.

Anglin’s Foundation and Masonry Repairs Named 2018 Top Client Rated Atlanta Contractor

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