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Benefits of Gas-Powered Golf Carts

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Electric golf carts are very popular and have their advantages for personal transportation. However, their gas-powered twins also have their own benefits. When shopping for a golf cart, there is not a right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing between electric and gas-powered options. What you need is a vehicle that is best suited for your specifications. Here are the benefits of gas-powered golf carts over electric models.

Longer Distances

The main reason someone would choose a gas-powered golf cart over an electric model is travel time and distance. Electric golf carts depend solely on a battery for fuel – limiting how long and how far you can go. Gas-powered carts can go further on a tank of gas than an electric cart can on a single charge; it is also easier to bring extra gas to take a long ride through the woods with a gas-powered cart. You can stay out all day and night without worrying about being stranded without fuel.

More Horsepower

If you want to use your golf cart for off-road travel, gas-powered is the way to go. Electric carts are fine for flat surfaces and well-groomed golf courses but may have trouble on hills and trails. The extra horsepower offered with gas powered models can help traverse rough terrain and steep hills.

Ready to Go

Electric golf carts need to be charged for several hours before each trip. With gas powered models, they are ready to go as long as you add more fuel.

If you plan to use your golf cart for off-road trips that can include rough trails, gas-powered is probably your best choice. Visit your local golf cart dealer to check out all the different models and options available.

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