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Do’s and Don’ts for iPad Owners

Are you a proud owner of an iPad? This popular device has found its way into millions of households and is loved by the young and old alike. However, it is an expensive item and can be damaged easily. Most people realize it can be cracked or scratched from impact or pressure, which is why a case or cover is recommended. But there are other ways to damage your iPad that you may not realize. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to ensure your iPad has a long, productive life.


  • Clean the screen. The iPad screen has a protective coating that can be damaged if not kept clean. Wipe it clean after use with a slightly damp, soft cloth to remove oils and dirt.
  • Download new updates. Apple updates for your iPad should be downloaded – these updates can improve the performance of your iPad, even saving on battery life.
  • Allow your iPad to use all of its battery once a month. Draining the battery completely down and recharging it to 100% can help improve the life of your battery. Do this once per month.


  • Don’t use chemicals. Never use window cleaner or other chemicals to clean the screen. This could harm your iPad.
  • Never dry with a heat source. If your iPad gets wet, don’t use a hair dryer or external heat source to dry. Dab it dry and let it air dry. Heat can damage the components.
  • Don’t try to repair your iPad. If you have a cracked screen or other issue, don’t try to fix it yourself. Bring it to a professional iPad repair store.

Following these few tips can help you protect your iPad and get the most out of this incredible device.

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Is it Time to Replace Your iPad?

There is no doubt that one of the most popular mobile tech devices on the market is the iPad. It is hard to believe that this iconic device was only introduced in 2010 and quickly became a staple for work, entertainment and communication. As popular as they are, they are still expensive to replace when components begin to wear out. If you have an iPad that has damage or component failure, you may be wondering if it is time to replace your device. But there is another option: repair.

There are times when it is more economical to replace an electronic device than seek a repair. Television, DVD player and stereo repair has become almost obsolete; it can often be just as expensive to repair a device than replace it. However, the popularity of mobile devices has created a new industry of affordable repair options.

Some common issues with iPads can be quickly and affordably repaired at local mobile device repair stores. Some even offer mobile repair, coming to you to repair your iPad or mobile device. Issues with your iPad that may be worth repairing include:

  • Cracked display glass
  • LCD issues
  • Battery problems
  • Water damage
  • Touchscreen issues

Before you spend a few hundred dollars on a new iPad, consider bringing it to your local mobile device repair shop for a repair estimate. An inexpensive repair may rejuvenate your old iPad, extending its life for months or even years. If the repair is more than what you want to spend, many of these repair shops also will offer to buy your old iPad, giving you some cash to put toward your new iPad. It is a win-win, either way.

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Must-Have Accessories for Your iPad

The iPad is one of the most popular mobile tech devices available. The intuitive system paired with incredible features make this tablet a favorite for everyone from small children to their great-grandparents. But like all tech devices, there are always accessories that can make them last longer and enhance their features. For iPad owners, here are a few must-have accessories that can make your iPad even better.

  • Case plus more. Cases are crucial for protecting your iPad, but new cases can also make it easier to use your iPad. New cases like the Folio on the Go for iPads come with a built in Bluetooth keyboard, display stand and a stylish fabric case.
  • Bluetooth speaker. Turn your iPad into your portable stereo with the addition of Bluetooth portable speaker. These small speakers enable you to share your music with your friends and family wherever you are, yet offer excellent sound and quality brands even contain subwoofers.
  • Shell Shock screen protector. Protect your iPad screen with one of the best protective accessories available. Shell Shock tempered glass screen protectors fit perfectly on your iPad,  offering excellent protection against impact and pressure damage to your device, while still allowing clear view of your display.
  • Bluetooth headset.  Enjoy excellent sound while blocking outside noise with a premium Bluetooth headset. Perfect for listening to music or other media through your iPad when traveling or in public without wires or disturbing those around you.

Accessories can make your iPad last longer, protect it from damage and enhance all the features these popular devices have to offer. Check out these and other incredible accessories at your local mobile device accessory store.

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iPad Mini Screen Replacement

Dropping an iPad Mini on the way out of the door or while running late to a meeting can be a headache for anyone. But dropping an iPad Mini and cracking the screen can seem like a complete disaster. When lines appear across the screen or blurred spots appear, or if the dreaded completely black screen simply won’t “do anything” – it’s time to call in the experts. Having the screen replaced on an iPad Mini is a relatively easy fix, but it is one best left to the professionals. 

There are many do it yourself videos on YouTube offering people guidance on how to make an iPad Mini screen replacement. While these tutorials may be informative and helpful to some, they do not offer what a qualified, licensed, and professional repair company can: guaranteed service. Not only are the parts and services typically guaranteed from a quality repair source, but should anything go wrong during the repair to other functions of the iPad Mini, they would also be covered. A DIY approach to an iPad Mini screen replacement may seem as though it will save money at the beginning, but damaging or messing up other functions of the iPad Mini can actually cost much more than a professional screen replacement. 

Most repair services offer iPad Mini screen replacements done daily and within a short time frame. It is understandable that most people who need their iPad Minis for work or a highly social schedule will be at a loss without their device. If you are in need of a professional iPad Mini screen replacement, do your research and find the repair service with the most reputable qualifications.

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iPad Repair

It seems that almost everyone has some type of electronic device that can do more than was ever dreamed possible just twenty years ago. iPads are a popular choice for electronic devices, but they are not cheap by any means. Without a special type of case or protector, an iPad can be damaged very easily. From a fall off of a table, stepping on the screen during the middle of the night, to an excited two year old repeatedly pushing the “home” button — there are a variety of repairs that can be needed for the iPad. 

The most common iPad repair is a cracked or shattered glass replacement. Dropping an iPad on a hard surface, such as concrete, can crack or shatter the glass almost instantly. While there are any number of tutorial videos on how to replace the iPad glass via “do it yourself” methods, experts agree that this is a repair best left to the experts. Professional companies can offer a glass replacement in under thirty minutes, and their replacements typically come with guaranteed service — something YouTube cannot offer its viewers. 

The LCD screen inside the iPad is the most complicated component of the iPad. It controls the touch screen capabilities, which control almost everything else. Only professionally certified technicians should be trusted to make a repair on the iPad screen. Minute adjustments can make or break the functions of the iPad. Because the iPad is a pricey investment, one wrong adjustment can ruin its capabilities. 

Trusting the professionals for any of your iPad repair needs is highly advisable. Apple does not cover faulty repair services from anyone other than one of their technicians, so choose wisely when searching for a company to trust with your iPad repair.

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Mac Viruses

Apple has done an amazing job in providing cutting edge hardware in the form of the iPod, iPhone, iPad, but Apple’s roots trace back to the Mac, which one of the first personal computers widely available.  One of the things that made and continues to make the Mac unique to computers is its operating system, which is a proprietary operating system unique to Mac computers and is not Microsoft Windows® based.  Although everyone is familiar with the ongoing onslaught of viruses that infect Windows® based machines, not everyone is familiar with the increasing number of viruses that threaten Mac computers.  As Apple’s notebook and desktop computers continue to gain in popularity, rest assured that many more viruses will be developed to infect Mac based computers. 

In general, a computer that is not operating normally could be infected with a virus.  Some of the symptoms include the computer turning on and off on its own, programs running slowly, programs not loading and Web pages loading on their own.  Whenever any computer, including a Mac is not behaving like it normally does, the first thing to consider is that a virus has infected the machine. 

There are a number of steps to take to prevent a virus from infecting your Mac.  The first is to keep the operating system up to date by setting up a regular time for the computer to check for updates from Apple.  Next, if the anti-virus system gives you a warning of a potential problem with a website, DO NOT visit the website!  In the event that your Mac becomes infected with a virus, prompt removal of the virus is highly recommended to prevent any further damage. 

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Don’t Throw Away Your iPhone, iPad or iPod!

Most families have some type of “i” device, from iPods to iPhones. These devices have become a large part of our lives, and are continuously changing and upgrading to the next level of technology. As new models come available, the old model with a cracked screen or which just isn’t as cool as the newer version often gets thrown into a drawer and never used again. Even though it’s used and an older model, that device may still be valuable to someone else. Do not throw that old device away; instead get it repaired or even it sell it for cash. 

What to Do With Your Old “i” Devices

With the expanse of these products, another industry has evolved to fix, buy and sell the old models as they are replaced. Instead of throwing away your devices, you can have them repaired or sell them to be refurbished so someone else can enjoy them. Consider these options: 

  • Broken devices. You can have iPad, iPod, or iPhone repaired and keep it as a backup, give it to a friend or family member or even donate it to charity. There are even do-it-yourself repair kits for simple fixes, such as missing screws.
  • Get cash. Whether your iPhone, iPad, or iPod is damaged or in good condition, you can sell it for money. Companies that repair these models often offer a decent price to buy your old devices, even ones that do not work. 

The great thing about either repairing or even selling your older device is that instead of ending up cluttering up your home or in a garbage can, the device can still be used and enjoyed.

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iPad Screen Replacement

iPads are amazing devices that allow access to the Internet, email, video, music and tens of thousands of entertainment, lifestyle and productivity applications or “apps”.  In addition, they have a video and a still camera that take pretty good pictures.  If you are a apple user they can be easily synchronized with your other Apple products.  In many cases iPads have replaced the computer, because of their capabilities and portability.  While generally very durable, the screen on the iPad can be easily damaged, especially if the optional cover is not used.

In the past a broken screen on a iPad was a disaster, with the only alternative being to replace the device.  This was especially painful as the prices on the iPad can be over $1,000, depending on the model.  Now it is possible to replace the front glass and LCD and touch-screen on the iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3 and the iPad mini with the iPad screen replacement being made by certified technicians, who have the specialized training, equipment and parts necessary to repair iPads.

In many cases it is possible to have the iPad repair done in the same day by stopping by one of the many repair facilities.   Alternatively, the repair company can send a certified technician to the customer’s home or business to repair the device on the spot.  The first step to take if faced with a damaged iPad screen is to either call or email a certified technician to discuss the damage and plan the next step in getting the device back up and running.  While the repaired device comes with a warranty on the repair, the owner may want to consider one of those bright covers for their iPad in the future!


iPad and iPhone Repairs

iPads and iPhones are extremely popular tools for consumers all over the United States and overseas.  Their popularity has contributed to the global decline in computer sales, as they have the same capabilities of a computer!  They offer amazing capabilities including phone, email, Internet access, video and still cameras, music, video and the ability to run tens of thousands of entertainment and productivity applications or “apps”.  The downside is that these devices are expensive and while they are generally very durable, either dropping it or having it exposed to water can damage them.   

In the past, a damaged device usually resulted in the need to buy a new device, with the owner learning a very expensive lesson.  Now it is possible for experienced and highly trained technical experts on iPhones and iPads to repair damaged devices quickly and economically.  iPad and iPhone repairs include touch-screen replacement, front glass and LCD replacement, water damage diagnostics and battery replacements.  The certified technicians have the specialized training, equipment and parts to work on the iPhone 3G, IPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3 and the iPad Mini.  

In many cases it is possible to have the iPad repair in the same day by stopping by one of the many repair facilities.   Alternatively, the repair company can send a certified technician to the customer’s home or business to repair the device on the spot.  The first step to take if faced with a damaged iPhone or iPad is to either call or email a certified technician to discuss the damage and plan the next step in getting the device back up and running!

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