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Winter Repairs for Your Pool Deck

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Why wait to schedule repairs or maintenance for your pool deck until spring or summer? Winter is the perfect time to update your pool deck. The last thing you want during swimming season is construction or repairs happening in your pool area. Here are a few projects to consider getting done during the winter so your pool area is ready to go when the warm weather comes back around. 

  • Cleaning and maintenance. A thorough cleaning and inspection can be done during the winter without it infringing on your pool time. This is a good time to look for any issues that could become problems down the road and have them repaired.
  • Need a paver replaced or concrete repaired? Get those repairs done now when hanging out by the pool is the last thing on your mind. You want your pool deck to look great and be safe once the warmer temperatures arrive.
  • Have you been noticing pools of water forming around your pool deck? Fix those drainage issues before they cause damage or create a safety hazard.
  • Pool deck renovations. Beat the rush in the spring when everyone is calling to have their pool deck renovated. Talk to your local paving contractor about installing a new pool deck this winter when the industry is slower. Consider a new paver pool deck for beauty, durability and excellent drainage.

Now is the time to get your pool deck in tip-top shape for the summer swimming season. Call your local pool deck paving experts to schedule maintenance, repairs or a full replacement before the summer season is here. This way, your pool area will be ready to go if spring weather arrives early.

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Tips for a Complete Pool Remodel

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During the sunshine and swimming season, your pool area is the busiest place around your home – a cool dip in morning, a refreshing swim in the late afternoon and many evenings relaxing on the pool deck with friends and family. If your pool area needs a remodel to get ready for the busy season ahead, here are some tips to make this popular spot spectacular.

  • One of the simplest ways to make your pool look new again is resurfacing. Adding a quality surface like Pebble Tac or Diamond Brite will make the surface safe for swimmers and soft on their feet while giving the pool a beautiful appearance.
  • Pool deck. Adding a new pool deck can change the entire appearance of your pool area. Tumbled marble pavers are a stunning choice for pool decks, with excellent drainage, a cool surface and fade resistance.
  • For a complete pool area remodel, you also need to incorporate the landscaping. Adding plants that compliment your pool area adds a natural touch and blends in your property with the pool space.
  • Features. Adding a water fall or wall to your pool can add sound and movement. Other features to consider are underwater lights, spot lighting and fire features. ‘These little elements can make your pool area the centerpieces of your home and are especially beautiful for nighttime entertaining by the poolside.

This year, be the envy of the neighborhood with a complete pool remodel. Call your local contractor that offers pool renovations, pool resurfacing, pool decks and landscaping – It is simpler when one contractor can do it all, from design to completion.

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Now is the Time to Renovate Your Pool Deck

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If your pool deck is looking a little shabby, winter is the perfect time to schedule a renovation. Spring, summer and fall are the busiest times for relaxing by the pool, making winter the ideal season to remodel or repair your pool area. Give yourself the gift of a beautiful new pool deck this winter, which you can enjoy in the sunny, warm months to come. 

Choices in Pool Deck Pavers

Many people opt for plain concrete when choosing a material for pool decks. However, there are other options which can add style and beauty to your pool area. Pavers are a great choice for pool decks, as they provide a variety of color and style options while offering easy maintenance and repair. Some popular choices of pavers for pool decks include: 

–        Travertine pavers. Travertine is a perfect material for pool decks. The rock stays cool and offers a non-slip surface, which is excellent for the area surrounding your pool.

–        Tumbled marble pavers. Similar to travertine pavers, tumbled marble offers durability and beauty for your pool deck. The natural look of marble can add a touch of class to your outside living area.

–        Brick or concrete pavers. Another option for your pool deck is clay or concrete pavers. While less expensive than natural stone, they are still aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. 

By renovating your pool deck now, when the warmer weather of spring and summer arrive, your pool will be ready for your first pool party. Don’t wait until everyone else is scheduling their pool area remodels; call your local paving company today to get your pool deck renovation done during the slower winter season.

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Pool Deck Renovations

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It is closing in on time for summer, and for those who have a pool in their back yard or who are over their neighborhood’s home association and are interested in having their pool deck renovated, now is the time. For many, the pool deck is not something that many people take into consideration. They simply walk on it from one end of the pool to the other. However, when a pool deck becomes slippery or cracks it can be a dangerous place to be. A slippery surface can cause many falls, and cracks that continue to grow and raise can cause people to trip. In fact, many more injuries occur around pools than in them. 

A pool deck renovation includes many different options. Current trends include travertine pavers, clay brick pavers, and concrete pavers. These options are very attractive as the pavers can be laid out in different patterns and designs. Pavers are a sure fire way to enhance the appearance and value of a pool, yet they require very little maintenance once they are laid. 

There are other things to consider besides just the appearance of a pool deck. Taking into consideration the budget and the ideal function of the pool deck is also very important. For instance, if the pool deck is designed for small children, a paver or stone with a rougher surface is highly beneficial since children tend to forget not to run around the pool. Hiring a renovation company with high credentials and experience is important. Make sure to always ask for their license and insurance information in order to protect you during the pool deck renovation.

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Bucket Test For Leaking Pools

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If you suspect your swimming pool is leaking, it’s important to get it taken care of right away.  Water leaking from your pool not only costs you money, but water leaking into the soil can cause serious damage to your foundation or to any structures on your property.

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if you even have a leak.  A big leak is pretty obvious, but it’s not easy to tell the difference between a small leak and water loss due to normal use and evaporation.  One way to tell is by using the bucket test.

Fill a bucket almost to the rim with pool water.  Sit the bucket on a pool step so that the pool water level is at least a couple inches below the rim of the bucket.  If the bucket tries to float away, put a couple bricks or rocks inside the bucket to hold it down.

Mark the water level inside of the bucket with a pen or magic marker.  Mark the outside of the bucket at the pool water level.  Wait at least 24 hours and compare the water level inside the bucket with the pool water level marked on the outside of the bucket.  If the pool water level has gone down more than the water level inside the bucket, your pool is probably leaking.

At this point, your best move is to call a pool service company that specializes in leak detection and pool and spa repairs.  A good leak detection company will have computerized leak detection tools that can not only confirm that you have a leak, but also calculate how big the leak is.


Pool Leaks

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Are you concerned that you may have a leak in your pool?  Most pools will develop a leak at some point.  Leaks can develop in the pool floors and walls, but more commonly leaks occur around pool fittings such as skimmers, drains and light fixtures.  Pool plumbing lines and equipment can also leak. 

Pool leaks can be difficult to locate, but if you think your pool is leaking, it is important to take care of it right away.  Even a small leak can send hundreds of gallons of water a day into the ground around your property.  Not only is it expensive to replace this water, but it can do serious damage to your home’s foundation and to any structures on your property.  It is also more difficult and expensive to regulate the pH level, chlorine, and other chemicals.

Some leaks are noticeably obvious.   If the water level in your pool drops several inches every night, you have a pretty good sized leak somewhere.  Smaller leaks are harder to identify.  Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between a leak and water loss due to evaporation and water splashed out of the pool during normal use.  You may notice that you have to fill your pool more often than normal or if your pool has an automatic fill device, your first clue may be a water bill that increases steadily each month. 

If you think you have a water leak, your best course of action is to call a pool service company that specializes in pool leak detection and repairing pool leaks.  They have the experience and sophisticated tools for identifying, finding, and repairing pool leaks.

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