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Dangers of Water Damage to Your Home

It does not take a major flood to cause water damage which can cause thousands of dollars of damage. There are several ways water can enter your home. A leaky roof, a burst plumbing pipe or a damaged water heater can all unleash water into your home that can quickly destroy your furnishings and even compromise the structure of your home. If you have a water emergency, you need a professional water restoration or removal services to prevent further damage. Trying to handle the water removal yourself can lead to bigger and more expensive problems. Here are some of the dangers of water damage to your home.

  • What you can’t see. It is easy enough to mop up water on your floors, but what about the water you can’t see? There may be water pooled under the flooring, behind walls or soaked into the carpet padding.
  • Rot and wood damage. The moisture from a leak or flood in your home can cause rot and structural damage. This can lead to major repairs down the road in your home, replacement of furniture and many other issues.
  • Mold damage. The biggest danger of water in your home is if it is not removed completely and quickly. A small amount of moisture can lead a large mold problem that can be dangerous to your family’s health and require extensive repairs in your home.

If you have a water problem in your home, call a professional water restoration service to right away to remove all moisture from your home. It is worth the investment to ensure that your home is protected from further dangers of water infiltration with professional water removal services.

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